Another Asian Woman Savagely Murdered

October 5, 2023

ATLANTA, GA—A night of house music and dancing turned into a nightmare for a 25-year-old Asian-American woman who found herself fighting for her life in Downtown Atlanta.

On August, 26, Mitchel Dang’s family said she told them she was meeting up with friends at Alley Cat Atlanta off lower Alabama Street, according to 11Alive.

After Dang didn’t return home late Saturday night, her family started getting worried. On Wednesday, August 30, four days after vanishing, officers were dispatched to a “person down” call at 75 Martin Luther King Dr., which is across the street from the Fulton County Justice Center building.

The area was near the Alley Cat, where Mithcel was last seen on Saturday. The “person down” inside the parking garage would later be Mitchel Dang.

On Friday, September 22, three weeks after Mitchel’s body was found, APD announced the arrest of a 24-year-old African-American male, Ja’Keivious Arnold.

Like Christina Yuna Lee in New York, Michelle Go in New York, Haruka Weiser in Texas, and hundreds of more women over the past decade, Mitchel Dang joins a long list of women who were viciously murdered by an African-American male.

Ja’Keivious was arrested with the help of Chamblee Police inside the DeKalb County Animal Services building. While it’s unclear if Arnold is an employee at the facility, in the body camera footage obtained by 11Alive from Chamblee Police, an officer is heard stating Arnold’s girlfriend is an employee.

The 24-year-old suspect is charged with Felony Murder, Kidnapping, and Robbery.

Ja’Keivious is charged for Robbery because he stole Dang’s phone at some point during the attack, on a Kidnapping charge, the arrest warrant states Ja’Keivious abducted Dang and held her against her will which resulted in her death. On the Felony Murder charge, the warrant states he “knowingly and intentionally caused the death of Mitchel Dang” by “an act and actions of homicidal violence that created the circumstances that led to her death.”

This last explanation is not normal because warrants usually go into more detail on how the suspect caused the victim’s death.

Feature Screenshot via 11Alive

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