23-Year-Old Asian Man Wins $235 Million Powerball Jackpot

April 20, 2021

LAND O’ LAKES, Florida—Thomas Yi is the youngest player in Florida lottery history to claim a Powerball jackpot prize, according to FOX13.

At the age of 23, Yi won the March 27 Powerball drawing of $235.4 million.

“Even after matching all six numbers, I was in disbelief and took my ticket to a retailer to have it checked,” Yi stated to Florida Lottery. “The clerk at the counter instantly became excited and kept repeating that I had won the $235 million Powerball jackpot. I knew then that this would be life-changing.”

Yi chose to receive a one-time, lump-sum payment of $160,038, 447. Needless to say, Yi could just live off the interest from his newly won fortune.

However, Yi said even though he won the lottery, he still wants to pursue higher education in either the business or medical field.

He purchased the ticket at the Publix located at 16560 N. Nebraska Ave in Lutz. The store will receive a $95,000 commission for selling the jackpot-winning ticket, reports FOX13.

Feature Image via Pexels

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