Florida Father Kills His Terminally Ill Daughter and Kills Himself

August 12, 2020

11-year-old Angela Ng was terminally ill. She was undergoing chemotherapy and cancer in her leg meant she soon would need to have it amputated, according to the Sun Sentinel.

On Monday morning around 9 am, August 10, Angela Ng was home with her parents when gunfire startled her mother as she made breakfast for the family.

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Angela’s father, Kenbian Ng, shot his daughter and then turned the gun on himself. The mother immediately called 911 when she discovered what happened.

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“It was a devastating terminal illness,” police spokesman Lt. Mark Leone said of the girl. “She was not going to get any better…It is such a tragic situation, a terrible situation. It’s a lose-lose situation.”

Angela was born on May 10, 2009, Mother’s Day. She was the couple’s only child. Photos on social media painted a portrait of a happy family.

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According to family members, Angela had cancer in her femur and was scheduled for leg amputation in Boston on August 28, which was also the couple’s 27th wedding anniversary.

Miriam Casanova’s husband, Jorge, is the cousin of Angela’s mother and described a phone call a few months ago with Angela’s father, Kenbian, “He couldn’t talk. He just cried.” She and her husband Jorge were reluctant to call back because they felt sorry and helpless.

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