Calls for School Board Trustee’s Resignation After Racially Insulting Local Hmong Community

July 29, 2020

A petition has been set up to help oust Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Education Trustee of District 4, Bobbi Singh-Allen in Sacramento, California, who recently described the Hmong clan system as a “controlling and intimidating system used to attack and silence women,” on July 10.

Local advocates are furious and have written letters addressing this issue. Here is one of many letters written to the school board that best describes the outrage from the local Hmong community toward Singh-Allen.

“As an Elk Grove resident, I am concerned about the racial overtones of some of our community leaders when referencing the Hmong community.

In a recent article released on July 10, 2020, by the Elk Grove Citizen titled, “Mayor’s Associates Accused of Harassment,” EGUSD Board of Education Trustee, Bobbie Singh-Allen, described the Hmong clan system as a ‘controlling and intimidating system used to attack and silence women.’

Cosumnes Community Services District Director, Jaclyn Moreno, demanded that the Hmong clans dismantle the patriarchy within its system.

Bobbi Singh-Allen. Image via Elk Grove Laguna News

Without a comprehensive understanding of the Hmong culture, both Singh-Allen and Moreno have emboldened racial attacks against the Hmong community during a time when racial tensions have skyrocketed and Asian Americans, in particular, are already experiencing a spike in hate crimes related to the global pandemic.

I cannot imagine the rightful outrage had these same sentiments been made about any other ethnic community. But we are a young and small American minority, and we are still finding our voices. Perhaps this is why such racially defamatory statements have been permitted and have mostly gone unchallenged.

While I empathize with anyone who has been harassed or threatened throughout this ordeal, I implore these community leaders to issue an apology to the Hmong community and to leave the Hmong community and culture out of their fights.

I hope to see Elk Grove community leaders set a better example when dealing with future grievances.”

Email written to the CSDBoard

You can find the link to the petition by clicking HERE

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  1. Hi ms Morena & Singh-Allen,

    Please name at least a study or professor of your resources before you are making racial inequality about Hmong family structure.

    It is so disappointing that you are being elected to represent families and education. Ms. Singh google under Singh’s family structure. You will find out what your clan is about. It is saddening that you make generalizing of Hmong.

  2. As a Hmong woman who grew up with traditional, yet very strong parents I am deeply offended by Ms. Singh’s claims and generalization of the Hmong clanship system. My grandfather and father who has mediated domestic disputes many times using the clanship mediation system has always been fair and just in being a mediator. For this reason, they were sought out by both members of their clan and outside individuals (other clans) of Hmong descent to help mediate domestic issues. By using the clan mediation system, women who had no voice within their homes due to a patriarchal system….were given a voice, allowing them to bring their voice to the table. Both my grandfather and father always allowed for and been just in giving Hmong women a voice. My father was supportive of all my siblings and I to pursue higher education. We all went to college and not once did our father discourage us from seeking higher education. In fact, he pushed us all to not get married early and to put our education first so that we can build a bright future. My sisters and I are all strong Hmong women because of our Hmong father’s never ending love and support! How very wrong you are to attempt at painting the Hmong culture to be nothing less than one of oppression against women. Tell me why there are more Hmong women in higher education than there are men today? How could this have happened if the Hmong culture was truly as controlling, intimidating, and oppressive to women as you say? Did you take a survey? Did you use studies or data to draw such a conclusion? Ms. Singh shared that her culture is very oppressive to women. Just because Ms. Singh may from a culture where women have absolutely no voice, she cannot generalize this onto the Hmong culture. Doing so has brought light onto her ignorance and lack of consideration and knowledge about other cultures! Why would such a person serve on a school board to serve the very people she is so biased and ignorant about?

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