Marine Raped and Then Sent to Brig for Mental Breakdown

July 23, 2020

26-year-old Corporal Thae Ohu has struggled for the past five years after being sexually assaulted by a fellow Marine. The assault left her psychologically scarred and progressively lead to her mental health deterioration, according to her sister, Pan Phyu. Cpl. Ohu attempted suicide earlier this year and failed. Now she’s in the brig in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Cpl. Ohu has been in pretrial confinement since June 19 and family members, friends, and advocates specializing in military sexual assault are calling for her release; citing she’s unable to receive adequate medical and mental health treatment inside the Navy Consolidated Brig in solitary confinement.

Marine officials declined to fully explain why Cpl. Ohu has been locked up for the past month. A quick statement was released “In interest of preserving the integrity of the judicial process, ensuring her right to privacy and a fair and impartial process, at this time it is premature to comment on allegations or what might occur.”

Thae Ohu. Image via Facebook

According to a letter sent to U.S. senator in Arizona, Cpl. Ohu administrative specialist with the Marine Corps Intelligence Schools aboard Dam Neck Naval Base was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon against her boyfriend following a psychological breakdown in April.

In a separate letter, her boyfriend vehemently stated all charges should be dropped against Ohu. Cpl. Ohu was actually seeking medical retirement and wanted to get help for her PTSD, but the Marines were seeking administrative separation, which would cause her to lose her medical benefits, according to the Virginian-Pilot.

“They are sending me to the brig for pretrial confinement instead of me receiving care,” Ohu stated in a letter to Arizona Sen. Martha McSally in June. “I haven’t been to trial and to focus on legal instead of mental health care is wrong. My attacker should be in the brig instead of me.”

Phyu Ohu (L) & Thae Ohu (R). Image via Facebook

“Whatever legal (charges) they want to do, they can do while she’s able to still get access to medical care,” said Phyu Ohu, Navy sailor based in San Diego and Cpl. Ohu’s sister.

Thae Ohu has a GoFundMe Page and it can be accessed by clicking HERE

Feature Images via Facebook

  1. This is disgusting and wrong!!!! Let her out!!! Her attacker should be in the brig, not her! Shame on the Marines! Worrying about legal action instead of bettering her mental health!!!! I wish nothing but the best for #THAEOHU

  2. Wow this is so wrong, for anyone to be in that position, praying for the best outcome….

  3. “LET HER OUT” I highly think she is suffocated inside from lack of care from people she know is there for her but could not go to them and cry out. “LET HER OUT” when one experience traumatic event, family is the most secure place one could ever be in the moment of desperate survival. What I mean by desperate survival is that, her will to survive might increase w/ love and care she can have while w/ her family. “LET HER OUT”… It happened in your brig. Support her till the end. Just because she wants out of the brig u can just cut her off. SHAMELESS Marines (not all but the situation of cutting her off just because she wants to be treated outside that makes u Marines in the brig with her shameless). If u where just able to control ur fellow subordinates don’t u think any mishaps could happen such as this. Support her until she recovers. Compensate her for physical and mental damages. LET HER OUT. 😭

  4. This young lady should be released and get all benefits due to her. She has mental issues and needs help that she is not getting in the brig.

  5. Her Boyfriend if he is in the Military should file an Article 138 complaint against the commander who put her in the Brig.

  6. I worked with kids like this while Active NAVY… They always turned out just fine… even after failed attempts at suicide… This young lady belongs on Medical Leave with family…not in a god damned brig. What ever friggin jarhead zero put her there belongs in a damn cesspool… ahole…. Year ass face , you heard me…
    Send her to wife and I will care for her properly – she will be just fine…
    Last suicide I stopped was some kid wanting to jump off a mast onboard ship. He had put on his DRESS BLUES and got way up on the mast…I was notified what was going on — ran up there and talked to him for a while. He came down….I went to the Captain, told him I needed to take the kid to the Balboa Hospital with his seabag – and turn him over to them…ALL was well…Send her here…..

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