10+ Teens Brutally Rape and Beat Asian Woman to Death

January 13, 2021

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin—Nearly four months after Ee Lee was brutally beaten in Washington Park, a search warrant recently released is detailing the brutality of Lee’s final moments on earth, according to Fox6.

Investigators say Lee was initially beaten by a group of African-American teens near a tree and then ran towards a pond, where the assault continued.

Convenience store surveillance captured Lee on September 16, 2020, not long before she was attacked and left for dead inside Washington Park, according to Fox6.

“I really want to know exactly what happened,” Lee’s sister, Nancy said. “No one can ever answer that question.”

CCTV footage of Lee. Image via Fox6

Nancy has been desperate for answers, which are beginning to surface in the search warrant, which was just unsealed with a nearby camera filling in the once unknown.

“I really want to find out what is going on and why that would happen to her,” Nancy Lee continued to explain.

The warrant states a group of “younger males” attacked and assaulted Lee near a tree in the park. Lee was able to initially break away from the group and ran toward the pond. Investigators say the “younger males” followed her to the pond where she was dragged and later found beaten, unclothed, and unconscious.

A hospital examination revealed evidence of sexual assault, according to the unsealed warrant.

Shortly after the brutal attack, surveillance showed 11 people leaving the park on foot and on unique bicycles.

“It hurts so bad, you know?” said Nancy Lee. “It really hurts me.”

There were two teens who called police to report a body found. Investigators say they were also seen on surveillance shortly after Lee’s assault. When investigators went to one teen’s home, his mother told him to go inside and to “delete everything off of his phone,” according to Fox6.

Investigators are looking through that phone record to possibly help crack the case.

“I just want justice for her,” said Nancy. “That’s all I want. She don’t deserve to die that way.”

Lee eventually died at the hospital a few days after the attack after suffering tremendously. Her sister is still scared for her safety.

Many netizens commented race shouldn’t be mentioned and this incident should not detour Asians from the real threat; white supremacy, and systemic racism. Key factors that played a part on why these African-American teens brutally beat and raped an Asian woman.

Feature Image via Fox6

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