Fashion Island in Long Beach Needs Your Help

July 14, 2020

Fashion Island located on 270 E. 5th Street has been part of the Long Beach community for 18 years. Unfortunately, on May 31, the clothing store was ransacked and heavily vandalized by looters and rioters.

Eric Shin, owner of Fashion Island issued a statement through his GoFundMe Page at the time.

“Hello everyone word can’t express how heart broken we are, fashion island has been in business for 18 years. Proudly serving our fellow Long Beach fashionstas. This is not the end!! We know what our people and our supporters are not to blame and we will not give up we want to continue serving our city. Please help donate anything helps out let’s make Long Beach look beautiful again,”

Fashion Island continues to struggle after losing 50% of their merchandise during the looting, while the mainstream media refuses to cover the hundreds of Asian businesses destroyed during the nationwide protests. Many believe these stories are false or propaganda.  

Fashion Island Reopening:

“Hello everyone all of the following donations will be used to rebuild the store. A lot of damage has been done we have lost 50% of our merchandise. We were one of the stores that unfortunately got looted and though we understand the reason behind it and we are still heart broken and we also took a big hit with having to  be closed due to Covid, 1 day after being back in business after regulations were reduced we got looted. We have been serving Long Beach for the past 19 years, and we have zero intention of stoping. We appreciate ANYTHING please what could be a couple dollars to you is a HUGE help to us we just need this last help to reopen thank you for your time will see all you soon.”

Fashion Island has a GoFundeMe Page, which can be accessed by clicking HERE

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