19-Year-Old Asian Man Shot & Killed During Robbery

June 15, 2020

Two suspects have been arrested for the murder of 19-year-old Kelvin Chew on May 7. Fagamalama Pasene, 26, and Zion Young, 19, are being held without bail on various charges including murder, attempted robbery, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

This homicide marked the 17th killing of the year for San Francisco. Police Chief Bill Scott stated, “More than half of the killings have been in three police districts: Bayview, Mission and Ingleside.”

Kelvin Chew was shot and killed near his home in Portola on May 7, around 8:02 pm. He died at the scene. “Kelvin was just finishing a class on Zoom and just wanted to get some fresh air,” stated community organizer Sarah Wan. “He didn’t come back,” she continued.

Chew was the son of a working-class first-generation Chinese immigrant family. He was about to attend City College of San Francisco after graduating from Balboa High School and wanted to study computer science and engineering at UC Santa Cruz this coming fall.

After so many minutes, Chew’s mother began to worry her son didn’t return from his walk. She walked outside and saw an active crime scene with police surrounding the area several minutes away from her home.

“She felt like her dream has been shattered,” said Wan.

The Community Youth Center of San Francisco organized a GoFundMe page which can be accessed by clicking HERE

Feature Image via San Francisco Examiner

  1. Asian people should stop living anywhere near these communities. You can find a different, maybe even easier way. Leave the cities. Bring your talent and commerce elsewhere.

  2. We’re one of the reasons California and New York are tech hotspots. We can build, we can create. We coexist peacefully with people, instead of taking out hate and resentments on other minorities. Don’t live around hateful people that will only try to hurt and damage your lives.

      1. I will add that you can run a store/restaurant/laundromat ANYWHERE in America, at the very least. Maybe what you do is different if you’re seeking education/doing R&D at certain institutions. But it’s not worth it to run a store/restaurant where people are hateful and hostile to you.

        When does that happen though… Like really. People of Asian descent are just more reserved and less likely to resort to violence. That’s why they get picked on. And bullies are all about the brawn, bc it’s all they’ve really got. Most of us thinking fighting is dumb. Because it is. It furthers what cause? None, as far as experience has shown us. Move away from people who seek to harm you, especially on the basis of race.

        Recognize your power. Economically, and otherwise.

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