Asian Family Dragged, Beaten, Leg Broken & Robbed of Everything On Them

June 8, 2020

The Shen and Chang family have done business and operated a store in Fordham, New York for over 40 years. On June 1st, during the Fordham riots, Fordham Gold & King’s Jewelry owners found themselves viciously attacked, robbed, and beaten.

A family member explains their horrifying ordeal on their GoFundMe page.

“We were stuck trying to securely close the store but looters came in hordes and forced open our store gate and flooded in. We tried to get out. We tried to keep important items safe. But they saw. As we tried to get into our car, they attacked us. They smashed our windows. They attacked with crowbars, pipes, and bricks. They pulled my mom from the car.”

“As my boyfriend Chao held onto her, they broke her leg. My jewelry, shoes, and phone were torn from me as they pulled me out from the trunk of the car while Chao tried to hold me in. My dad tried to fight them off and when we were finally able to drive away, they followed us. They got into their cars and tried to ram us off the road. We sped towards the police barricade and as the police surrounded us the looters drove away.”

“Black lives matter. Black communities matter. This movement matters. These protests matter. We need to bring justice to the lives lost and healing to the communities. The Fordham community needs healing now. Please support the families and businesses that have been affected. I thank everyone that has come to the aid of my family and the heroes that work at St. Barnabas Hospital and SeniorCare EMS.”

“We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers and generosity. If anyone has information regarding the individuals on the security camera footage please contact the 46th Bronx precinct.”

Jessalyn Shen, the GoFundMe organizer gave an update today, June 8.

“Our mother has been downgraded from the ICU after 2 trips to the operating room and is awaiting her (hopefully) final trip to the operating room for her leg. The police have begun filling their report and we said goodbye to our car as it was declared totalled beyond repair.”

“We have yet to begin picking up the pieces of what remains of our store and address stolen items as our family heals physically and emotionally. To our customers, we thank you and ask for patience and understanding.”

You can find their GoFundMe page by clicking HERE

Feature Images via GoFundMe

  1. I don’t give a damn about black lives anymore to be honest. If they all died tomorrow I would not care.

    1. I understand your sentiment but it is not constructive. Many Black businesses have been destroyed also because, let’s face it, the looters were bad people and from the video I saw, black and white. They took advantage of the situation and distracted from the central point. The whole racism problem needs to be pulled like a weed from all communities or it will spread. We all know anti-Asian bias exists among whites and blacks but fostering bias against them does not help out cause. Just saying perspective helps. That said we need to look after our own

      1. Don’t make excuses for the dirty Bastards and legal or not, if you own a business you should carry a gun and damn well know how to use it!!!

    2. Ignorant Some one might feel the same about you and your family and clearly it is not just black people doing these things

  2. That’s a dumb, racist way to look at it. There are some idiots out there- and they deserve to be punished. But don’t blame a whole race for an idiot’s action.

    1. Enough already.

      Justice has been served. Chauvin is fired and under arrest. So have the other 3 if I’m not mistaken.

      What “injustuce” is it now? These protests aren’t about Floyd anymore.

      I remember the “Rodney King” riots happened AFTER the acquittal of the 4 officers.

      We’re not even at that point and so many riots have harmed or killed others INCLUDING blacks (see David Dorn), so many buildings burned and/or looted.

      What is the point now? “Systemic racism” is a poor excuse, considering how many black people murder OTHER blacks.

      Down with blm.

    2. Funny… “dont blame a whole race for ones action”

      Thats what these punks are doing. Blaming all police from one police officers action.

      1. I understand the idea but with this logic…now police officers can pass as a race and races can each be controlled by centralized individuals?

    3. Well, if the whole country is blaming the entire police force for the actions of some idiots in Minneapolis PD, then we can blame the whole race for the actions of many young male blacks.

      1. The protest isn’t just about Minneapolis, it’s about the entire institution of US policing and the pattern of brutality that has disproportionately affected black people for decades.

        Police have several levels of authority and a specific enforcement and accountability structure; a race of people is just people who share a skin color. There is no chief or sergeant of Black people.

        Anyway, this is a terrible crime to people who deserve nothing but support, and I hope justice finds the people who did this.

      2. Attacks on Asian businesses and citizens is nothing new. We saw asian businesses burned to the ground in South Central Los Angeles during the Watts riots of 1965, Korean businesses looted and burned in the Rodney King riot of 1992,and while the several Los Angeles BLM marches were generally peaceful, there were organized and spontaneous looters that trashed Korean stores again. The more asians are the victims of Afro-American thugs, the more Asians are not likely to support or ally with Afro-American issues. I guess Asians are viewed as being “asian privileged.”

  3. This is a fake “news” site manufactured to stir up division and minimize Black voices. Russian or right-wingers? Doesn’t matter, I’m reporting it.

    1. go ahead. While youre at it, why dont you also report the real gofundme page for the person who was almost killed? Believe what you want but don’t pretend to see something and claim it’s fake when it’s not.

      1. Is that thing above your neck just there to make you look taller? Use your treating brain. This is real.

    2. Stop with the Russians and own up to the very real problem of inter race racism. You minimize the reality, and the problem never gets fixed.

    3. Incorrect. The Bronx was one of the hardest hit places on the Eastern seaboard by violent looters.

      Black on Asian crime is always a severely underrated problem. The violent crime ratio according to data provided by the Department of Justice 5 years ago was that black people are 280 times more likely to commit a violent crime or strong-armed robbery against an Asian person. Two Hundred Eight Times. Let that sink in.

  4. These damn looters made BLM looks bad. Find these bastards and make them pay for their actions.

    1. The damn looters are the black lives movement people! Always looking to take advantage of any situation!!

  5. And this will happen again in NY. Gun-control leaves minorities at risk for things EXACTLY like this family experienced. NYC’s Sullivan Act guarantees you can’t use a gun.

    Funny, the same people who are saying “f-ck the police” are pretty much the SAME people who also said “only cops should have guns.”

    Don’t like how that ending up working out now, do you?

    At least we on “The Right” can defend ourselves against “opprssion.” And against looters/rioters. By the way, do you think people on the Right are going out and protesting, rioting, and/or looting?

    No. We’re not. This is allll YOU on the Left. Good luck out there being disarmed. We’ll stay home and defend ours, or we’ll go to and from our jobs and defend ourselves against ANY hostile(s)–with lethal force.

    1. Does “D” stand for Donald Trump? we don’t need Republicans here trolling on a baf situation already. Gun Control is so people that go jogging don’t get shot. Why are you trying to divide NYC with your racism and throw gasoline on a fire.

  6. Blacklivesmatter is responsible for all the damage there community has suffer from the riots. Blacklivesmatter leader should all be held accountable and should be charge for there movement act of terrorist to the community.

  7. So sad. These guys are ruining everything BLM built so far. This is the exact reason why most people(including myself) don’t support BLM. They talk a good game but their very own black people are out capitalizing on the situation and they refuse to police them. Instead they turn to the police. Just know the police are the ones that people call when shit like this happen, and when these guys get shot, please don’t come out defending them. Don’t tell us that he was a good person. Just know I’m not against BLM but i don’t support either because i feel it’s double standard.

  8. I can’t imagine being caugh in group mob and trying to protect our love ones from harm at all cost. Imagine the helplessness they feel seeing their mom being beaten. 😥😖 if u see injustice, feel free to jump in and stand UP to fight the injustice instead of just standing aside and video tape.

  9. Any cameras recorded the crime taking place ?
    Should of owned several AR-15
    You are in a tough neighborhood
    The people who stole from you are from the same hood.

    Kill first ask later

  10. Blacks have carried most of the weight for miniority equal rights in this country…now is the time for us to help and not let criminals divide us. You don’t punish your cat because your dog had an accident. BLM

  11. Seriously, who the hell cares? Black lives are far more important. It’s not like their bones won’t heal or their property can’t be obtained again. Also if you couldn’t see, these are clearly white nationalists on camera trying to undermine BLM.

    Black Lives Matter!

  12. What the Black community have done for the other ethnicities’ civil rights is under appreciated. They practically lay on the barbed wire so others could advance.

    Asians should take more precautions in this day and age. You’re all adults, your decision to remain passive lowkey and focus on prosperity is your decision. But your lack of focus on home-defense is a decision you chose to make.

    2A, everyone in your family should take responsibility.
    Don’t believe all this ‘astroturf’ BS about BLM being evil: you see what’s on YouTube/Facebook streams. You see it’s at least 24hrs before MSM sanitizes the image for your consumption.

    Get armed, take courses

  13. Everyone else lives don’t matter! Only black lives does ! Let them take it out from the businesses to fill their lives !

  14. This has more to do with violence and theft rather than BLM. I hope your mom recovers quickly.

  15. Strange how Blacks killing Blacks is completely tolerated. No big deal!! Keep it going.

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