Donation List For Asian Businesses Looted & Destroyed

June 6, 2020

Updated: July 1, 2020 01:18 am

Please click on the business name typed in BOLD below each picture and it will take you directly to the official GoFundMe Pages. This list is by no means over. Many businesses haven’t started GoFundMe pages yet. Some pages, we’re sorry to say, are fake. Asian Dawn will keep you updated

Bangkok West Thai. Santa Monica, California
Beach Jewelry Center. Long Beach, California
Beauty Supply & Western Beauty Supply. Bronzeville, Chicago
Buranko Cafe. Portland, Oregon
California Fashion Mall. Birmingham, Alabama
Chinatown Partnership. New York City, New York
City Fashions. Chicago, Illinois
DJ Shoes. Los Angeles, California
Englewood Beauty Supply. Chicago, Illinois
ET Footwear. Bronx, New York
Fashion Island. Long Beach, California
Fordham GoldCash & Kings Jewelry. Fordham (Bronx), New York
Gold Wing Imports. San Francisco, California
Grace Jewelers. San Francisco, California
Gresham Beauty Supply Store. Chicago, Illinois
Hair Town. Chicago, Illinois
IWITH Nails. Santa Monica, California
Joy’s Beauty Supply, San Bernardino, California
Jubilee Silver. Los Angeles, California
K2 Jewelry & Repair. Oakland, California
K-Beauty Supply. Chicago, Illinois
Midori’s Floating World Cafe. Minneapolis, Minnesota
NCF Downtown Miami, Florida
Nice Beauty Supplies. St. Louis, Missouri
Noah’s Beauty. Chicago, Illinois
Pham’s Rice Bowl. Minneapolis, Minnesota
River Oaks Liquors. Calumet City, Illinois
Saigon Bay. Tampa, Florida
Sake House. Santa Monica, California
Seoul Taco. Saint Louis, Missouri
Solid Gold Jewelers. Wilmington, Delaware
Sports Dome. St. Paul, Minnesota
Sunny Optometry. Santa Monica, California
Sun Cleaners. Waukegan, Illinois
SunPay Beauty Supply Store. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Takeout NYC. Bronx, New York
Ten Pharmacy. Long Beach, California
Value Beauty Supply Store. Chicago, Illinois
Venus Fashion. Chicago, Illinois

You can also donate to Asian-American organizations who can directly send funds where needed. Please click on the names and it will send you directly to the webpage of those organizations.

Welcome to Asian Dawn.

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