Officer Jared Yuen Removed From Street Duty

June 1, 2020

33-year-old San Jose police officer Jared Yuen has been removed from street duty by Chief Eddie Garcia, pending an internal investigation. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo is demanding answers and thousands of netizens are calling for Officer Yuen’s employment to be terminated, according to ABC7.

This whole saga began Friday during protests in San Jose. Two videos surfaced on Twitter, showing Officer Yuen smiling and seemed really happy about confronting protestors. He can be heard saying “Let’s get this motherfu*ker.”

Yuen’s demeanor angered some protestors, with one saying “This is funny to them, they’re having a blast, they have smiles on their faces.”

In a second video, a lady can be heard asking Officer Yuen “Why are you on that side?” To which Officer Yuen replied, “Shut up, bi*ch!”

Seconds later, Yuen decided to reach around an officer in front of him and fired a crowd control projectile point-blank-range at a random protestor. This pretty much signaled to the rest of the police force to charge, which they did.

“I’m not happy with his actions, I’m sure if Jared was sitting here he’d be embarrassed as well. But I will tell you, I know Jared and he’s a good kid who made a mistake who let his emotions get the better of him,” stated Chief Eddie Garcia of the San Jose Police Department.

Councilor Lan Diep, the only Asian-American on the San Jose City council does not believe Officer Yuen should be fired.

“We have to proceed and call out wrongs, but we need to provide space to win people’s hearts and minds and allow them a chance to atone and win allies as we continue on the righteous path,” stated to ABC7.

According to San Jose’s official city website, the city is 35% Caucasian, 31% Asian, 28% Hispanic, and 2% African-American. Voting power, Officer Yuen should not be fired because his employment is more representative of the community.

“Officer Yuen shouldn’t have smiled and fired the rubber bullet point-blank and he should be suspended. But I don’t believe he should be fired. Who’s demanding what? Other than the big corporations, Asian owned businesses are the ones getting destroyed and we don’t have a voice comparable to our population in SJ. Yuen should keep his job. Screw them,” stated San Jose resident P. Lee.

Feature Image via Mercury News

  1. Yuen absolutely must be fired. He has a long history of complaints. If police chief Garcia believes Yuen’s actions are Ok because Yuen is “a kid”, then Mayor Liccardo must step up and remove Mr. Garcia from his position. Police brutality is why people are in the streets. There are solidarity protests around the world because we the people stand together in solidarity. Police violence must end. Fire Yuen Before his violent behavior sets off more riots.

  2. Chief a “good kid” 33 year old police officer should not “let his emotions get the better of him while armed ! His actions were either drug/steroid induced or a demonstration of the type of personality that should NEVER be an armed officer. These are tha actions of a “kid” that was stuffed into too many school lockers and is now out for payback.

  3. Jared Yuen is someone who should NEVER be given a gun and badge. He is taunting and provoking peaceful protestors. He is disrespectful to women, calling her a “b*tch.” He either has a mental disorder, drug abuse, or is just plain ignorant. He needs to be fired.

  4. So they are afraid to fire him because he is the only Asian on the police force. Fire him and hire 2 others Asian people who WILL uphold their pledge to protect and serve the public. What he did to the public is a window into his heart and he is a mentally disturbed person. Fire him immediately.

  5. All he was doing was staying loose and displaying a lack of intimidation. I wish he wouldn’t have told the protester to shut up, but he’s getting harassed all day. That’s a small slip up. I love this guy and his hard charging attitude in the face of an angry mob!

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