Asian Woman Gets Harassed By Nurse Then Gets Arrested For Defending Herself

May 23, 2020

This incident happened on February 3rd going into February 4th, 2020 at Saint Nicholas Hospital in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. An Asian woman named KB Lorr checked herself into the hospital for blood clot complications that might affect her pregnancy. She was put in a room and told to wait.

Lorr initially waited for 30 minutes to an hour and no one came. She used the call button and asked the nurse for a doctor because she felt her body going limp. The nurse told Lorr she’d try to call the doctor once more. So, Lorr waited another 30 minutes and no one came. A receptionist soon entered her room and asked Lorr to sign a consent for treatment letter. The receptionist noticed Lorr was turning white and the bottom of half of her body was shaking.

The receptionist rang the bell for the nurse. However, Lorr indicated to the receptionist “I feel like she’s irritated already, so I’ll wait.” The receptionist responded “If she [nurse] has anything to say, you can tell her I rang it. She can come talk to me.”

The nurse made her way into Lorr’s room as the receptionist walked out. The nurse then said “Didn’t I tell you, you chink. The doctors will be here shortly and I can’t and won’t give you any medications for your pain because you’re pregnant and you’re a chink.”

Lorr responded “If you’re going to call me that you need to leave the room. Because I’m not going to take the disrespect. So, I would appreciate it if you left.”

The nurse then indicted to Lorr she didn’t have the right as a patient to tell her to leave. The nurse then walked to Lorr’s left side and grabbed her arm. She then began pinching Lorr’s arm really hard. Lorr screamed for the nurse to stop. The nurse told Lorr that she wouldn’t stop unless Lorr did something about it.

Lorr then kicked the nurse’s hands with her right foot. The nurse smiled and said “Okay, now I have a reason to go grab security.” The nurse immediately left the room and brought a security guard with her. It should be noted, Lorr stated the security guard saw Lorr tell the nurse to get out of the room. He believed Lorr and told the nurse to leave the room instead. She left and called the police.

The spot where the nurse pinched Lorr. Images via KB Lorr

Lorr then began filming the encounter.

Before the police entered the room, they could be heard discussing what they wanted to do and say. By the time the female police officer walked into the room, she already made up her mind. Basically, the female police officer, identified as Officer Chelsea Hundt of the Sheboygan Police Department allegedly told Lorr the nurse had all the rights and she can basically say whatever she wants because of her position, racial slurs included. It didn’t matter if the nurse grabbed Lorr’s arm and began pinching it. Officer Hundt then allegedly told Lorr if she accepts the nurse’s accounts of the story, Lorr wouldn’t have to go to jail. Lorr refused.

The police immediately arrested Lorr. While being arrested, Officer Hundt allegedly punched Lorr on the right side of her stomach. Lorr told Officer Hundt she was pregnant. Officer Hundt allegedly replied “We have a nurse in jail.”

As Lorr was walked out of the hospital room, the nurse and Officer Hundt allegedly made eye contact. They both smiled at each other. The nurse then said “Bye chink,” which allegedly made Officer Hundt smile while she looked at Lorr’s facial expression.

Lorr reported the incident on deaf ears. The authorities refused to believe Lorr’s side of the story. The police did take pictures of her bruises and took her statement. Basically the authorities want her to plead guilty for assaulting the nurse. Even though Lorr has physical bruises to show and the nurse doesn’t; her entire story wasn’t taken seriously.

Sheboygan Police Department Response as of May 26, 2020

KB Lorr is taking legal action. She started a GoFundMe account, which can be found here

Feature Screenshots via KB Lorr (Facebook)

  1. if this girl was white this wouldn’t even had happened but because she wasn’t it was okay to do all this shit to her.if this 19 year old girl was black the nurse probably would of said a racial slur towards her same thing if she was Mexican.For some damn reason this world is still being racist towards every asian,black,mexican,etc.and that stupid ass white officer did this for what, what did she gain from doing this.she ain’t gonna get a higher pay she’s not gonna get promoted or sum shit like that she’s probably going to go home and feel like she actually did something when she literally did SHIT what the hell did she do that was so helpful.

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