Asian Woman Verbally Abused While Waiting In Her Car in Hayward, CA

May 5, 2020

An Asian woman named Min To posted this encounter on her Facebook page (her account has been turned off), she and her mother drove to Target on Hesperian Blvd in Hayward, California on Saturday.

“I was waiting for my mom in the car while she was trying to get some groceries (store next to target). I was playing on my phone. Her brother (the woman in the picture) opened the back door of their car and hit my car’s door hard on purpose. Then split [spit] on my car.”

Image via Min To

Min To continued to state “She told me to go back to China. I said I don’t even have a Chinese passport. I’m not from China. Then she said she doesn’t care about Chinese or Vietnamese, etc.”

Image via Min To

“Ok, I can feel the tension of discrimination against Chinese/Asian community these days but this is the first time I actually got attacked.”

“Coronavirus is no one’s wrong. Please STOP doing this to us!!!”

Feature Images via Min To

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