Another Asian Elder Savagely Attacked by Black Man in SF

July 24, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—An 88-year-old Chinese woman has been attacked in another unprovoked attack in downtown San Francisco. The incident occurred Friday afternoon on July 21. The victim was savagely kicked and thrown to the ground as she carried a bag of avocados on her way home in the Union Square area.

The 88-year-old elder was critically injured with massive internal bleeding, reports Wind Newspaper. Authorities identified the suspect as 27-year-old James Ramsey of Oakland, the same James Ramsey who was convicted of attacking Oakland Chinatown leader Carl Chan in April 2021.

Ramsey spent three months behind bars.

On July 3, 63-year-old Yan Fang Wu was pushed to death while walking home after getting off a bus in the Bayview District. That suspect, an African-American woman, was released by authorities.

On July 10, an 86-year-old Chinese woman was pushed to the ground in the Tenderloin. She suffered a broken hip and was hospitalized.

The 88-year-old attacked on July 21 was walking home after buying a bag of avocados at Trader Joe’s at 4th and Market Streets. As she made her way home, Ramsey attacked her and showed no mercy or remorse as he savagely kicked and threw the helpless elder.

Ramsey was quickly subdued by witnesses and people at the scene while others called 911. Police arrived and quickly arrested the African-American suspect.

Turns out, Ramsey has an outstanding warrant in Alameda County and a violation of bail. Authorities booked him with multiple charges including aggravated assault, battery, elder abuse, and resisting arrest.

Many believe Ramsey will be released very quickly because he’s a member of a protected group of people. Mayor London Breed, District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, and San Francisco Police Chief William Scott are members of that group of people; African-American.

Black supremacy currently controls San Francisco and it has managed to degrade the city into a cesspool of violence and degradation, i.e. Mogadishu.

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