Kim Jong-Un on the Verge of Death After Surgery

April 20, 2020

According to US officials, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, 36 is very close to death after heart surgery. According to The Daily Mail, Kim Jong-Un’s health took a turn for the worse around April 15th when he failed to show up for his grandfather’s birthday celebration.

The Daily NK, a website run by North Korean defectors, indicated through sources, Kim Jong-Un’s health had been deteriorating the last few months due to obesity, heavy drinking, heavy smoking, and overwork.

‘My understanding is that he had been struggling (with cardiovascular problems) since last August but it worsened after repeated visits to Mount Paektu,’ quoted The Daily NK source.

It is widely believed Kim Jong-Un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong would take control of North Korea. However, other sources suggest senior top officials or tribunal would likely take control after Kim Jong-Un’s death.

Kim Yo-jong. Image via The Hill

The reunification of the two Koreas is impossible. Since the United States protects Taiwan, the Chinese would never allow North Korea to unify with the South.

Feature Image via The Atlantic

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