Americans Can Sue China for COVID-19 Outbreak

April 18, 2020

Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Representative Dan Crenshaw of Texas introduced a bill on April 16th that would allow Americans to sue China in federal court for damages related to the Wuhan Virus, according to Breitbart.

Senator Cotton stated: “By silencing doctors and journalists who tried to warn the world about the coronavirus, the Chinese Communist Party allowed the virus to spread quickly around the globe.”

The bill titled: “Holding the Chinese Communist Party Accountable for Infecting Americans Act of 2020.”

Senator Cotton continued to state: “Their decision to cover up the virus led to thousands of needless deaths and untold economic hard. It’s only appropriate that we hold the Chinese government accountable for the damage it has caused.”

The bill is very similar to the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JUSTA). It allowed families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. Both Democrats and Republicans are angry over China’s initial handling of the pandemic. CNN initially started the “Wuhan Virus” term. Eventually, they labeled it “Chinese Coronavirus” before President Trump infamously coined it “China Virus” at a press conference several weeks later.

If this bill passes, it would take away China’s sovereign immunity from civil claims in U.S. courts and allow American courts to freeze Chinese government assets and allow American citizens to seek financial compensation.

Feature Image via New York Times

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