Bus Rider Steals Wallet from 86-Yr-Old Woman Who Was Assaulted By Another Person

August 18, 2023

LOS ANGELES, CA—An elderly Asian woman was viciously attacked and knocked to the ground during a bus ride in Los Angeles. She was then robbed by a completely different person while she was unconscious.

The attack happened around 2:40 p.m. on August 8 in the Adams-Normandie neighborhood, near Koreatown.

Footage #1

Footage from a Metro bus surveillance camera showed the 86-year-old Asian woman getting knocked unconscious and multiple people standing around her, doing nothing.

Suddenly, an African-American man walks up to the woman and steals her wallet from her purse. Multiple people tried to intervene but were unable to stop the thief from getting away.

Police were eventually called to the scene and stated the woman was “severely injured” from the initial assault, according to the LAPD.

Footage #2

The suspect who initially assaulted the 86-year-old victim was taken into custody shortly after police officers were directed to him by witnesses.

The victim was sent to a nearby hospital in critical condition. She eventually woke up and could not recall what happened to her or the assault because of the head injuries sustained.

Authorities are still searching for the robbery suspect. He is described as an African-American male in his 40s to 50s. He was last seen wearing a New York Yankees jacket, dark beanie, dark pants, and gray shoes.

He either has a mustache or a goatee.

Police are asking anyone with information about this case to contact Detective Jonathan Moyers at 213-359-3707.

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