Central Asian Man Fights Off Multiple Robbers and Disarms Them in Miami

April 20, 2023

MIAMI, FL—A Kazakhstani man fought and disarmed multiple African-American male assailants after discovering they were robbing his house Saturday afternoon, April 15.

On his TikTok and Instagram pages, Oljas Kanybek uploaded surveillance and smartphone footage of him beating multiple attackers and showing him disarming two of the assailants during a scuffle. One clip shows Kanybek screaming to one assailant: “I’m Kazakh, give me your phone!”

The series of events unfolded when Kanybek returned home last Saturday afternoon and discovered his house was being robbed.

Kanybek manages to grab a hold of one suspect with one hand and film himself interrogating the suspect with a smartphone in the other hand.

Kanybek can be heard insulting the suspect in Russian and asking for his name, address, and “where the loot is.”

Witnesses to the attack immediately called the police and at that very moment, two of the robber’s armed accomplices pounce on Kanybek in an attempt to free their friend. Kanybek fights both assailants off and takes two pistols away from them; causing them to flee.

Police arrived within two minutes and were flabbergasted to find Kanybek waiting for them with two pistols he just took from the assailants and minor injuries to his face.

Paramedics attempted to treat Kanybek at the scene, however, he refused medical attention and told them he used to “box” and superficial injuries didn’t really concern him.

Feature Screenshots via TikTok

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