Tenant Murders His Asian Landlord Because of Eviction

April 7, 2023

HONOLULU, HI—An eviction turned fatal and left a landlord dead and a tenant facing murder charges on March 19, according to police.

The landlord, identified as 64-year-old Alvin Matsumoto, was a beloved husband, brother, son, and friend. His death shocked the island community.

Matsumoto’s friends told KHON2 that he just celebrated his 64th birthday last month. He was a handyman and a contractor and always helped people out with projects. He also spent the majority of his time volunteering at the Kapahulu Center.

The suspect, African-American Kendall Gray, 23, is accused of brutally attacking Matsumoto and killing him. He pleaded not guilty in court on Monday and is currently being held without bail.

His trial is set for June.

Prosecutors say the incident unfolded after a court ordered Gray to vacate an apartment on Sheridan Street.

Enraged, Gray allegedly stabbed Matsumoto to death with a kitchen knife inside the building and stomped on Matsumoto’s head and chest several times while he lay on the floor.

Authorities allege Gray then dragged Matsumoto down the stairs and threw the body onto the sidewalk like garbage before fleeing the scene. He was arrested four hours later less than a quarter mile away from the murder scene.

“This brutal attack on a senior citizen warrants a strong response. We intend to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law,” Prosecuting Attorney Steve Alm wrote in a press release.

Members of the African-American community attempted to identify Kendall Gray as Caucasian because “there are no Black people in Hawaii.” However, that attempt was squashed when authorities released Gray’s mugshot.

Feature Screenshots via KHON2 News YouTube

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