Multiple Asians Attacked and Robbed in Fresno

December 24, 2022

FRESNO, CA—Detectives are investigating two separate robberies that took place Wednesday, just three hours apart in Fresno. They believe the two cases are related.

The victims told FOX26 they believe they were followed home after shopping at Asia Supermarket near Tulare and Chestnut.

The first victim, an Asian woman, was assaulted and robbed as she was arriving home from grocery shopping. A masked suspect wearing all black ripped off the woman’s necklace and fled.

Three hours later, two Asian teens pull up to their house after grocery shopping at Asia Supermarket and a dark grey Chrysler 200 is seen pulling up behind them.

Two masked suspects, wearing all black, quickly exit the Chrysler and one suspect points a gun at one of the teens. The suspect rips off the teen’s necklace and runs off.

Both suspects are described as Latino or even Asian.

The Ring camera in the latter incident captured the grey Chrysler’s license plate: 7ZND846.

“The Asian community came so strong to help us out and we are thankful for any ideas and clues out there,” said one of the victim’s family members, who wanted to remain anonymous. “We just want to spread awareness to stop this kind of violence out there. I’m so glad my mom and the other victims [are] okay! This needs to stop, this is someone’s daughter, son, and mom!”

Feature Screenshots via YouTube

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