Harvard Fails to Prove They Don’t Discriminate Against Asian-Americans

November 5, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The former Solicitor General during President Clinton’s second term and Harvard’s current lawyer, Seth Waxman, was unable to explain why Harvard’s admissions rated Asian applicants lower than others in “positive personality” traits like courage, leadership, and likability.

Harvard should ask Detroit if Toyota lacked the courage or leadership to take on and take down General Motors within a few generations. Or why a scooter company (Honda) has also surpassed General Motors or why South Korea’s Samsung or Taiwan’s TSMC dictate terms and prices to Apple. Both Asian companies control a monopoly in advanced chips, 5G technology, and OLED screens. Those must be attributes of cowardice, lack of leadership, and overall pessimistic personality traits.

Yet, African-American applicants at Harvard consistently get the best personal ratings, while Asian-American applicants consistently get the worst ratings.

Screenshot via supremecourt.gov

Students for Fair Admissions found “a statistically significant and negative relationship between Asian-American identity and the personal rating assigned by Harvard admissions officers.”

SFFA’s brief states “Asian-American in the fourth-lowest decile has virtually no chance of being admitted to Harvard (0.9%), but an African-American in that decile has a higher chance of admission (12.8%) than an Asian-American in the top decile (12.7%).”

When Justice Alito asked Waxman to explain the personal ratings that Asian-American applicants receive, Waxman downplayed the personality data and claimed the “numerical disparity” was “slight.”

Chief Justice Roberts asked Waxman about the academic decile chart, which clearly shows African-Americans in the fourth lowest decile has a higher chance of being admitted than an Asian-American in the top decile.

Waxman replied academic index is based on “high school grades and test scores” and double-backed by stating Harvard “doesn’t even use” the academic index as a metric (Transcript 64-65), according to the National Review.

It should be noted Waxman did not even respond to the question of why there is a stark disparity in the decile chart.

However, Waxman later acknowledged, the district court did find that race was the determinative factor for a full 45% of African-American and Latino applicants admitted to Harvard, meaning, they would not have been admitted without racial preferences.

Mainstream media is now trying to paint Asian-Americans as “white adjacent” in academics and claiming Asian-Americans are being used as a tool to help further white supremacy. Merit and intelligence were created by white supremacy to prevent African-Americans from moving forward.

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