NYPD Officer Out of Coma After Being Violently Robbed by Thugs

August 25, 2022

BRONX, NYC—NYPD officer Muhammad Chowdhury’s condition is improving after being savagely beaten and robbed earlier in the week, according to his wife, Nadira Sherin.

Sherin told PIX11 News Wednesday evening that her husband is out of a medically induced coma and is now breathing on his own and has managed to talk and eat for the first time.

On Tuesday, August 23, Chowdhury was viciously assaulted and robbed during a jog on Olmstead Avenue in the Bronx. Surveillance footage later showed the three suspects to be African-American males.

The three suspects hit Chowdhury in the head, fracturing his skull, which caused bleeding in the brain. The suspects reportedly stole his wallet, keys, and phone, and then fled in a black Honda sedan driven by a getaway driver, reports PIX11 News.

As morning turned to afternoon, Sherin became very worried when she could not get in touch with her husband. She called and texted him multiple times and at 4:45 p.m., officers came to her home because Chowdhury did not report to work.

Within 15 minutes, officers returned and showed Sherin a picture of her husband in the hospital to confirm his identity.

“I just couldn’t believe [it],” said Sherin. “[I was] crying and didn’t know what to do.”

“He took pride in his work, serving the city. And in return, he’s in the hospital,” she said.

According to the NYPD, the suspects involved in Chowdhury’s attack were also involved in at least 19 other attacks and robberies in the Bronx and Queens since August 1. The three suspects would approach their victims by foot, while a fourth suspect waits in a car—often times a black Honda sedan.

Feature Screenshots via PIX11 News

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