Yan’s Murderer Had Refrigerator Filled with Duck Sauce

June 7, 2022

NEW YORK CITY—Glenn Hirsch, the duck sauce “obsessed” man who murdered 45-year-old Zhiwen Yan back on April 30, hoarded sweet-and-sour duck sauce in his refrigerator, according to police.

When police opened Hirsch’s refrigerator, they found it full of sauces for food—including “lots” of duck sauce—the kind given away by Chinese restaurants in little plastic packets, reports South China Morning Post.

“His whole refrigerator was filled with duck sauce,” an SCMP source said. “And other condiments.”

“He’s a hoarder. And when you open the refrigerator, it’s like, condiments – there’s duck sauce, soy sauce, ketchup.”

51-year-old Hirsch was arrested last week for shooting dead Zhiwen Yan in Forest Hills, Queens, after stalking Yan’s restaurant for weeks over his demand for duck sauce. Queens District Attorney called it an “obsessive point of contention.”

Yan was shot three times while delivering food.

Authorities have been building a case against Hirsch ever since learning he had been involved in ongoing tensions with the owner of Great Wall Chinese restaurant, starting last November 30 when he was irate that there wasn’t enough duck sauce for him to take home with his meal.

The murder has left the entire restaurant traumatized. Great Wall’s owner can’t even touch duck sauce anymore. He makes his employees handle it.

“I don’t want to touch it,” said Ken Yang, owner of Great Wall in Queens, to The Post on Sunday. “I can’t because it brings back bad memories.”

“I guess in some pathology people like that take that stuff very seriously – you didn’t give him enough duck sauce,” said SCMP’s police source.

Hirsch actually has 10 previous sealed arrests. He pleaded not guilty and is being held without bail. He is not being charged with a hate crime. No racial insults were ever made. Demanding an ungodly amount of duck sauce does not count as a hate crime

The NYPD said the night of the murder, Hirsch circled the block of the restaurant a number of times, then followed Yan as he drove off on his scooter to make a delivery before shooting him dead on the street.

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