Somali Muslim Student Who Cried ‘Hate Crime’ Was Lying

December 19, 2021

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Virginia—Following a violent brawl involving a hijab that occurred at Fairfax High School on December 14, which prompted mass student protests, the Fairfax Police Department has concluded that there is no evidence of a hate crime, reports the Post Millennial.

Ekran Mohamed said she was called racial slurs, was pushed by two male classmates of Egyptian and Asian descent, and had her hijab pulled, revealing her hair.

According to Ekran’s aunt via Instagram, a male Egyptian student “drew the Islamic flag and put a cross on it, like a red cross, like an X,” during a monthly meeting in marketing class.

The aunt said the male student specifically looked at Ekran and her two female Muslim friends. After class ended, Ekran walked to see a friend, and her backpack accidentally hit an Asian male student. Ekran said the male student’s friends told him she said he was “ugly and little.”

Following that, the Asian male student tried to grab Ekran’s hijab from the back. She turned around and ended up grabbing the Asian male’s hair and punched him in the stomach. The Asian student then threw her into a desk “WWE” style, which caused bruising to the left side of her body.

Paramedics were called after Ekran collapsed on the floor because she couldn’t “breathe.” The school later stated Ekran was simply having a panic attack.

Soon, hundreds of students skipped school to protest the “vile anti-Black, anti-Muslim” racism going on at Fairfax High School and demanded justice. The protest was led by CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). Over 19,000 signatures were gathered on

Well, after being interviewed by police, Ekran admitted she wasn’t called a racial slur or had her hijab ripped off during the brawl, however, she still maintains she is the victim of a hate crime, reports WTOP News.

Ekran’s lawyer, Abed A. Ayoub replied, “Another important note about what happened—The victim is Somali, and I have no doubt given the facts that part of the reason she was targeted is because she is Black. Hate Crimes are often layered, and a person can be targeted for a number of reasons.”

The City of Fairfax Police found no evidence of hate crime in the altercation that occurred at the high school. “The investigation revealed there were no racial comments made by either student.”

Feature Screenshots via Post Millennial & Drew Wilder

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