Asian Man Brutally Attacked After Car Accident

September 16, 2021

BRONX, New York—A 28-year-old Asian man spoke with ABC7’s CeFaan Kim about his recent horrifying road rage incident on the Cross Bronx Expressway that left him battered and fearing for his life.

The victim says he rear-ended a black Honda Fit Monday night in the Bronx. The Fit pulled over and so did a Mercedes minivan, which did not have a license plate, reports ABC7.

“He yelled f**king Chinese. I’m going to kill you, two or three times,” the victim said.

About 10 people got out of the Honda Fit and Mercedes minivan, surrounded the victim’s car after he pulled over, and then watched as the main suspect beat him down.

Part of the attack was caught on dashcam, showing the assailant bashing the victim’s windshield. Eventually, the assailant punched the victim’s driver’s side window and peeled the window back, punched his face through it, and tried to physically drag him out of the vehicle.

The assailant later broke through the victim’s passenger side and that’s when the beating began. His eye, ear, neck, chest, and hip were bruised and sore and he was hospitalized for two days, according to ABC7.

The victim was cornered for seven minutes while he was on the phone with 911. He was punched and kicked repeatedly during that time.

Authorities have not categorized this attack as a hate crime.

“If there’s no hate, why do you treat me like this?” the victim said. “I’m not the first generation of immigrants. I’m not first-generation. I’m like second or third. I’m young, but I still get treated like this.”

The victim told ABC7 a police officer randomly happened onto the scene as the suspect was on the hood of his car kicking in his windshield. He said if that officer hadn’t passed by, he probably would be dead.

The suspect drove off. Police made no arrests.

Feature Screenshots via CeFaan Kim, ABC7

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