12 Suspects Accused of Targeting Asians, Stealing $2M Worth of Items

August 19, 2021

GWINNETT COUNTY, Georgia—The Gwinnett County Police Department announced the indictment of 12 suspects as a result of a two-year-long burglary investigation, reports FOX5.

Authorities say the suspects were specifically targeting Asian-American homes and stealing expensive designer items.

“They would wait for the individuals to leave or somehow verify they were not home and they would go into the residence,” stated Cpl. Ryan Winderweedle with the Gwinnett County Police Department.

About 200 items, including handbags, jewelry, and watches were found—totaling more than $2 million, according to FOX5.

During their investigation, detectives also found face social security cards and passports.

Detectives say the suspects are tied to similar burglaries in Forsyth, Oconee, Bibb, and Fayette counties throughout Georgia. The same suspects are also linked to crimes in Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina as well.

“You can string several burglaries together with a pattern of some kind, whether it’s a pattern of entry, types of items taken, or even locations that are targeted,” Winderweedle stated.

Because the suspects specifically targeted Asian-Americans and specifically stole designer items is what helped detectives connect the crimes together, reports FOX5.

Authorities say the suspects struck during the day and stated the best way to protect against these types of crimes is to get to know your neighbors. Asians always tend to keep to themselves and be quiet neighbors, which can be a disadvantage.

“Things that can really work in your favor, just know your neighbors. When police get called to a burglary in progress, usually that’s because a neighbor saw someone walking behind a house who doesn’t belong there,” Winderweedle said.

Several people were arrested for similar crimes two years ago. However, authorities say they do not believe these groups are interconnected. No racial description of the suspects were given.

Feature Screenshot via FOX5

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