Washington State Limiting Asian Medical Student Enrollees

May 26, 2021

WASHINGTON STATE—The state’s new law mandating Critical Race Theory (CRT) training requires medical students to take social justice courses in order to graduate. It will also effectively limit the number of Asian medical student enrollees for the sake of “equity,” according to 770 KTTH.

Senate Bill 5228 forces medical students at the University of Washington and Washington State University to undergo CRT training as a condition of graduation. Bill 5228 will also institute quotas to limit fellow minority students who are overrepresented, i.e. Asians. The end goal is clear—racial segregation in health care.

Bill 5228 is one of several laws recently signed by Governor Jay Inslee, mandating social justice training should also apply to public school staff.

According to 770 KTTH’s Jason Rantz, the goal of the training is to prove future doctors will “understand and counteract racism and implicit bias in health care.” Doctors should no longer just treat patients, they should also understand “structural racism in the systems through which they navigate.”

Specific Requirements of the new law:

The curriculum must teach attitudes, knowledge, and skills that enable students to care effectively for patients from diverse cultures, groups, and communities. The objectives of the curriculum must be to provide tools for eliminating structural racism in health care systems and to build cultural safety. A person may not graduate with a degree from either medical school without completing a course, or courses, that include curriculum on health equity for medical students.

Caucasian and Asian students are the most represented demographic in the state’s medical schools and now they must be “held back” to meet new racial quotas. Caucasian and Asian students will no longer be accepted based on merit, instead, they will be scored by “racial” characteristics.

Washington Democrats argue there should be more Black, Latino, and Native-American medical students. However, the students who do the poorest in math and science in the state of Washington are Black, Latino, and Native-American students, according to the State Superintendent’s Office. The students who perform the best are Asian and Caucasian students.

Medical student admissions statistics can be accessed by clicking HERE

Some argue steps should be taken to somehow transfer the good grades of Asian students to underperforming Black and Latino students—“minorities helping fellow minorities.”

Speaking on behalf of the bill, State Senator Emily Randall (D-Bremerton) stated black patients see better outcomes with black doctors.

“Research points us to that if you have a provider who either shares your background or experience or is sensitive and understanding of the culture from which you come, … you are more likely to follow the care recommendations of that physician,” Sen. Randall noted.

Sen. Randall was pointing to a study showing that black men are more likely to follow recommendations “if they had a Black physician or if they were able to connect with that physician about cultural experiences.”

The high test scores of Asian students are blocking more black and Latino students from entering the medical field. This is the direct result of “white supremacy” keeping dark-skinned students down without “putting on white hoods and showing their true colors.”

Feature Image via Washington.edu

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