Asian Entrepreneur Doxed for Supporting OC DA Todd Spitzer

May 3, 2022

ORANGE COUNTY, California—Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and advocate, James Mai was recently the victim of a doxing campaign after he refused to support an opposing candidate in this year’s upcoming high-profiled Orange County district attorney race.

“I support a Republican district attorney and they want me to support a George Soros backed one, so I told them ‘no, thanks,’” Mai stated.

“That literally is that. I support a guy (Todd Spitzer) who is hard on crime and they don’t like that,” Mai continued to say.

This crazy story started months earlier. “I was brought to this person as someone I should help because [she] claimed to be a sex crime victim and autistic,” Mai stated.

Mr. Mai works with autistic children as well as other Asian-American advocacy groups, however, this woman ended up being a “Trojan horse.” She claimed to be a conservative and began attending Republican functions and paying for dinners with cash, no credit cards, which aroused suspicion.

Eventually, she began demanding that Mr. Mai support an opposing candidate for the upcoming Orange County DA race and attempted to provide hit pieces against Todd Spitzer. Mai refused to read the articles and things began going downhill quickly.

When it became evident who the woman was, and she kept pressing to “find dirt” to use on him, Mai told her he decapitated a cow and threw it outside a restaurant (no race specified)—and that he shot a UFO down at a local park and ate the aliens. As expected, the stories started circulating on left-wing extremist sites and blogs, confirming there was indeed an effort to discredit Mai and his organization.

It was later revealed that the woman behind this (Bettina Bakrania, aka Love Cameron) has an extensive arrest record in multiple states and has a history of fraud, theft, and crimes dating back to the 1990s.

Several left-wing extremists attempted to attack Mr. Mai and his non-profit, including using racist language toward Asians and trying to shame Mr. Mai on record publicly at city council meetings, demanding Irvine City investigate Mai for the fabricated stories and a delay in his reappointment as a volunteer to the Childcare Committee.

Aarti Kaushal Chopra (recently appointed by Kathleen K. Treseder, a newly appointed Irvine City Councilmember), has been identified as the leader of the movement against Mr. Mai and the Asian-American community. At a recent council meeting, she promised to bring Mai to “justice” and later slandered him, calling him an “abomination” and racist. Due to Teseder/Chopra/Cameron’s actions, Mai withdrew his reappointment to Irvine Child Care, costing the committee and the city the only male/father on the advisory board, to the dismay of the Asian community, which is over 40% in Irvine.

Later, that very same phony story about the cow’s head showed up in a Rip Off Report, which now proved who the author of the doxing campaign was.

Screenshot via Twitter

Soon after, Mr. Mai was doxed. Pictures of his children, his wife, his home, along with his home address with his wife and children’s full names were shown online.

Mr. Mai was accused of being a “sexual predator” along with his friend DA Todd Spitzer. He was accused of bragging about vandalizing Indian restaurants in online rants.

People surrounding this matter say Bakrania files fraudulent lawsuits and she is a professional squatter from Desert Hot Springs, California. Records indicate she was arrested back on May 11, 2008, in Fulton County, Georgia.

Assemblyman Steven Choi and Mr. Mai recently tried pushing through Assembly Bill AB2027 in Sacramento back in late March 2022. However, the bill was killed by the Assembly Public Safety Committee.

Assembly Bill AB2027 would have exempted hate crime penalty enhancements from the provisions of Senate Bill No. 81, which was authored by California Senator Nancy Skinner in 2021. AB2027 would allow judges in criminal cases the ability to actually add “hate crime enhancements.”

“Took months to work on this, I testified in support during this meeting, was fully shocked when other Asians speaking were in opposition, some even saying hate crimes toward Asians were because of Trump,” Mr. Mai stated.

An update to this story: Bakrania has been arrested for public defecation and is currently under trial for vandalism and “dumping.”

Regarding Mr. Mai, a judge has granted an emergency protection order from Bakrania due to the harassment towards him and his family. According to court records, she is facing both criminal and civil cases in Orange County. A full court hearing is scheduled in May with Mr. Mai.

Feature Image via James Mai (Instagram)

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