‘Mathematics’ and ‘Gifted’ Students Are Now ‘Racist’

May 12, 2021

The War on Merit is nearly over and the progressives have won a stunning victory. This will guarantee the United States will have absolutely no fighting chance against Asian powerhouses within the next 20 to 30 years.

Last week, California’s Department of Education released its framework for teaching math to K-12 students. This framework contains 13 chapters, which focus on achieving “equity” through mathematics instructions, according to the New York Post.

Children can no longer be grouped by ability, “gifted” eight graders can no longer take algebra and high schoolers can no longer take calculus because it demoralizes non-Asian minorities.

California laments, “In California in 2004-2014, 32 percent of Asian-American students were in gifted programs, compared with 8 percent of white students, 4 percent of black students and 3 percent of Latinx students,” reports the New York Post.

Apparently, intelligence does not exist and IQ is a form of white supremacy and was created to uphold “elitism.”

New York City is also destroying the last vestiges of meritocracy. Every year, thousands of parents register their children for the “Gifted & Talented” test for admission into a G&T program or school. The test is more of an assessment to see if the children can handle the curriculum.

Children who pass the test are 43% Asian, 36% Caucasian, 8% Hispanic/Latino, and 6% African-American. However, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and former Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza argued the test favors Asians because they are able to pay for test-prep courses, which African-American students cannot afford.

Their argument was completely destroyed when the New York City Government Poverty Measure ascertained that the Asian-American poverty rate in the city as of 2019, stood at 23.8%, which is higher than the African-American poverty rate in the city—20.5%. So, there are poorer Asians than there are African-Americans and African-Americans can’t afford test-prep?

School officials pointed out Asian-Americans have an “inhumane” ability to sacrifice more for their children than African-American parents and test-prep classes are still a result of “Asian privilege.”

De Blasio no longer brings up poverty rates because of these findings and now views Asians passing the exams because they are “white adjacent” and the exams were designed for “European” children to prosper.

Asian students are “honorary white.”

New York’s Department of Education decided to scrap the Gifted & Talented test this year and will now judge children on “less objective” measures, according to the new Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross-Porter, who is African-American and majored in plumbing at the Queens Vocational and Technical High School.

New Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross-Porter. Image via Twitter

Mathematics is now labeled as “racist” (not a joke) and a tool for “white supremacy.” May school officials point to Asian and Caucasian dominance in the tech field as proof that “white supremacy” exists because they unfairly utilize math and control a monopoly.

Reporter Asra Q. Nomani recently spoke to the FCPS School Board on her objections of intentionally cutting out Asian-American students (who make up nearly 60% of Thomas Jefferson for Science and Technology) in-favor of more African-American students. Needlessly to say, the school board cut her off.

According to the New York Post:

  • Denver’s Largest High School Has Banned Any Kind of Tracking of Students in Honors Classes
  • Stamford Connecticut Has Dropped All Advanced Placement Exams
  • Virginia is Ending All Accelerated Programs in Schools

Feature Image via Pexels

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