Asian NYPD Officer Suing Protestor for Racial Harassment

April 21, 2021

NEW YORK—Detective Vincent Cheung, who is a 16-year-veteran with the NYPD has filed a lawsuit against Black Lives Matter supporter Terrell Harper for racial insults he was subjected to on March 11 during a New York City protest, according to New York Post.

Terrell Harper. Image via Facebook

The lawsuit is believed to be the first of its kind, according to DEA attorney James Moschella.

During a March 11 protest, Harper was captured on camera repeatedly belittling, insulting, and harassing Detective Cheung. From “goddamn cat eater” to asking if “he can see right?” because Asians have slanted eyes.

One would argue Asians see everything in high-definition, which is why they invented Blu-Ray, 4K, 8K, and basically control the world’s supply of smartphone screens. They wish to spread their high-definition to less civilized people around the world.

“You going to Judo chop me?” Harper also said to Detective Chung. The video was released by the Detectives Endowment Association, which filed the suit on behalf of Detective Cheung at the Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday, April 20.

“All I care about is the apology,” said Cheung, who is assigned to the Fifth Precinct. “No matter how much is awarded, I’m donating it to some Asian aid society or anti-Asian hate society.”

Union head Paul DiGiacomo stated, “This city is in crisis of violence and in a crisis of hate. No citizen should be subjected to hateful racist slurs whether they are wearing a uniform or not.”

However, many African-Americans are voicing their disapproval of the lawsuit. Stating, “Black people can’t be racist.”

According to the New York Post, the suit looks to force Harper to explain why he targeted the detective with his hate speech. “It certainly has caused emotional trauma to the Detective and it clearly fits inside the current law,” Moschella continued.

It should be noted, Harper has not been charged with a crime for the incident.

Feature Images via Twitter & New York Post

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