Asian Man Chased Down and Body Slammed in NYC

April 13, 2021

NEW YORK—Police are investigating an attack on an Asian man in broad daylight on the Upper East Side, according to ABC7.

The vicious attack happened Monday afternoon at the corner of 72nd Street and Lexington Avenue when an African-American male followed an Asian man, picked him up, and body-slammed him into a plate-glass storefront window.

The African-American male can be heard screaming “I’m gonna kill somebody, get out of my face.”

Surveillance footage shows the suspect following the Asian man—who at one point walked onto the street to avoid the African-American male—before being body slammed into the storefront window, reports ABC7.

The victim tried running away, but the suspect gave chase. Moments later, a Good Samaritan tried to intervene. Within minutes, several strangers helped protect the victim from the assailant.

ABC7 reports as of Monday, April 12, there have been 54 verified cases of anti-Asian hate in the city of New York. That’s compared to 12 in all of last year.

One witness stated the African-American assailant went after her too and yelled about Spanish, Chinese, and white people. The assailant even asked the woman if she wanted him to kill her.

The suspect has not been caught.

Feature Screenshots via ABC7

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