Live Streamer Saves Asian Man From Attacker in London

April 10, 2021

LEICESTER SQUARE, London—A live streamer who goes by the name “Sherwin,” was broadcasting live in London’s Leicester Square when he spotted an attack in progress. A video, which has since gone viral on Reddit’s r/PublicFreakout shows Sherwin jumping to the Asian man’s aid on Friday, April 9.

Sherwin’s quick actions foiled the attempted mugging and curb-stomping by an individual of African descent.

The video shows Sherwin noticing the attack while he was live streaming. He pivots the camera toward a nearby street, where he witnesses an Asian man being kicked from his bicycle while the mugger is standing over him in the middle of the street and curb-stomping him.

Sherwin immediately springs into action and repeatedly screams to the attacker, “Leave him alone!”

The continuous screaming from Sherwin dissuades the mugger and he takes a few steps back as the live streamer approached the downed Asian man who is visibly shaken on the ground and repeatedly telling Sherwin to “call the police.”

IP2 Live Streamer saves an Asian man from being mugged from r/PublicFreakout

However, the mugger walks back toward the downed Asian man, attempting to finish the job but is then interrupted by a trio of men now approaching the scene.

One Reddit user commented, “Careful, don’t show the white guys helping the Asian dude. It goes against the media’s narrative. ‘We’re the bad guys.'”

The newly arrived trio of men ultimately dissuade the mugger from taking any further action and he can be seen walking away. Sherwin immediately connects with the police and the Asian man can be seen explaining the situation on his phone.

Reddit commenters have bombarded the video with overwhelmingly positive support. Dozens of Reddit users wrote similar comments, “Even across the pond, the people attacking Asians are the same demographic…..damn.”

Feature Screenshots via Reddit

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