Good Samaritan Attacked While Trying to Stop Teens From Harassing Asian Man

March 21, 2021

CLINTON HILL, Brooklyn—A Good Samaritan was attacked while trying to stop a group of “teenagers” from harassing an Asian-American laundromat owner in Brooklyn, according to ABC 7.

Michael Chang, the owner of the Waverly Wu Laundry in Clinton Hill said the teens have been harassing him for nearly seven months. Chang said he’s very concerned with the rise of hate-crimes geared toward Asian-Americans and also because the teens became violent on Friday, March 19.

Chang says the teenagers throw garbage from the streets inside the laundromat and at the windows. They also hurl racial slurs at him and tells him to ‘go back to China,’ reported ABC 7.

However, on Friday, things turned even more violent when the group heckled Chang. A Good Samaritan tried to intervene, but police say, the teens turned on him, throwing a chair at the man and his dog. The Good Samaritan suffered injuries to his face and his head.

Chang says he has been in the United States for 30 years, and bought his business with his hard-earned money. Now with the uptick of hate-crimes, he is concerned.

“It makes me angry, really angry. This is not fair. You cannot make this, you know, bring everything on Asians,” he said.

The Good Samaritan says he is recovering, and believes he did the right thing, according to ABC 7.

As for the teenagers, Chang says they are the same ones who have been harassing him. He says he has called the police on them, but they were let go with just a warning.

Feature Screenshot via ABC 7

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