‘Boba Liberal’ Eileen Huang Blames Everyone Around Her for Her Own Stupidity

January 28, 2021

Urban Dictionary defines A boba liberal as usually an upper-middle-class East or Southeast Asian living in the West, typically in the United State or Canada, who identifies as a liberal.

This whole ordeal started when Eileen Huang uploaded a TikTok video which soon went viral. In this video, she lambasted popular Asian-Americans from fellow TikToker Nina Lin to Crazy Rich Asian’s Awkwafina for using “blaccent.”

“These Asians are culture vultures who leech off of and most importantly profit from black artists, genre, and aesthetics but never properly credit them,” Huang said. “And they’re also anti-black. It’s modern-day minstrelsy.”

Who is Eileen Huang? She is a Chinese-American TikToker from New Jersey and currently attending Yale, allegedly. She gained some popularity after writing an article about supposed anti-blackness running rampant in the Asian community. Nevermind the fact Black-on-Asian violence is 280x higher than Asian-on-Black violence.

Screenshot via US Department of Justice Report, Page 13

This of course sparked outrage from both African-American and Asian-American netizens who called Huang racist for assuming all African-Americans sound “ghetto.”

TikToker @freekdagemini, who is a close friend with the Asian-American community uploaded a response through his TikTok account, calling Eileen Huang out.

As netizens scrolled through Huang’s social media accounts, they discovered a post she uploaded on Twitter, her handle was ironically @bobacommie before Twitter took it offline.

Screenshot via AWA

Huang eventually contacted Asian-American rapper and advocate China Mac to set the record straight. This is right after China Mac called her a “monkey-faced b*tch.” Huang became concerned when netizens by the thousands began harassing her online and started releasing private information about her. Some reports allegedly show Huang has Hepatitis C.

During her interview with China Mac, Huang became evasive and tried to show herself as a victim, which didn’t go well for all parties involved.

Soon after, Huang posted, “Really shaken. I went on live to basically get his followers to stop doxxing me, which they have been doing repeatedly. I hoped he would have apologized for calling me a “monkey-faced b***h” in front of his 200,000 followers, but he did not and instead gaslighted me to say that calling me a slur was something he had to do to “teach me a lesson.”

Screenshot via @theycantburnusall

Feature Images via Hyphen & AWA

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