Schools for Gifted Students Are ‘Racist.’ There is No Such Thing as ‘Gifted’ in Academics

January 22, 2021

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Virginia—Last week, a virtual hearing of the Fairfax County Circuit Court was held after 17 middle-school students sued the school system to restore admissions tests at Thomas Jefferson High School.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is one of 18 magnet schools in Virginia and is also 70% Asian, 19.5% White, 5% Other, 3% Hispanic/Latino, and 2% African-American.

Thomas Jefferson demographics. Chart via Fairfax County Public Schools

According to The Federalist, about an hour into the hearing, County Circuit Judge John Tran started asking the school system’s attorney a question about TJ (Thomas Jefferson), “You would be fine with it being considered a school for gifted students….”

“No!” the school system’s attorney interrupted Judge Tran mid-sentence.

“No?” Tran responded. “You’re not?”

“It is not a school for gifted students,” the attorney insisted, which conveniently ignores decades of state Board of Education documents that clearly and repeatedly identify Thomas Jefferson as a school for gifted students.

When history and facts do not fit the narrative, simply change history and the facts. Thomas Jefferson spent over 35 years building its reputation as a premier high school. But it only took 12 Democratic members of the Fairfax County School Board only 12 minutes and 11 seconds on Tuesday night, October 6, 2020, during an online meeting to kill the school, eliminating its race-blind, merit-based admissions test.

School officials have replaced the tests with a  “holistic” popularity contest for students who best fit their “Portrait of Student,” with race-based criterion, middle school quotas, and subjective markers about whether a student is an “Ethical/Global Citizen,” “Creative and Critical Thinker,” “Goal-Directed and Resilient Individual,” “Innovator,” “Problem Solver,” “Leader,” “Collaborator” and “Communicator,” according to The Federalist.

Most TJ students have tested in the top 2 percent of nationally normed tests that measure cognitive development, with IQ levels largely ranging from gifted at about 120 to genius at about 160.

However, many African-American groups and the Democratic-led Fairfax County School Board believe any type of IQ test is “racist.” IQ does not exist and testing for such furthers the “White and Asian Supremacy” agenda. It is a false narrative created to keep Black and Latino students out of higher education.

“If you look at IQ studies, the smartest nations are all in Asia and Europe. The lower-bottom half of that list are countries in Africa and South America. Don’t you think that’s odd? There is no correlation between race and intelligence. That very notion is Nazism. If not for White supremacy, South Africa or any African nation would be just as or more advanced than Japan.”

Current Global IQ Rankings. Chart via World Population Review

“The Japanese never had their country destroyed. They never lost millions to slavery. Millions of potential doctors, lawyers, engineers. TJ’s admissions test does not take that into account, our [African-American] experiences, our tastes, or cultural heritage. The test is racist, divisive, incendiary, and physical proof of American eugenics,” stated admissions advocate to reporter Park Chung-Yul.

I think this person forgot Japan was bombed back to the Stone Age during World War II and lost millions of people. Many were doctors, lawyers, and engineers.

Officials also discussed bringing to the school the “anti-racism” indoctrination of critical race theory, the controversial and divisive ideology sweeping K-12 education across the country. Early data analysis shows the new admissions scheme at TJ will discriminate against gifted students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). In hearings last week, expected to continue Jan. 26, Virginia school officials are not only arguing to eliminate the admissions tests, but also undermine the very mission of the school, reports The Federalist’s Asra Q. Nomani. Her child also attends Thomas Jefferson High School.

Feature Image via Inside Nova

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