Biden Presidency is a ‘Godsend’ for the CCP

December 2, 2020

“Biden’s perspective on Russia and China are almost entirely modeled by the Kissinger doctrine of the US-Russia-China triangle,” according to Asia Times. Biden openly acknowledged that he regards China as a competitor only, whereas Russia is the most serious threat to the United States’ global standing.

Still convinced Joe Biden would be hard on China? As a senator, Joe Biden supported China’s entry into the World Trade Organization back in 2000. In the last 20 years, China has broken every-single WTO rule on the books. Ultimately, China used WTO policies to steal manufacturing jobs away from the United States and became the 2nd richest country in the world after surpassing Japan.

Chinese communist officials reportedly burst into laughter when Joe Biden won the presidency. According to Asia Times, “China’s decision to extend congratulations to Biden suggested that it wanted to send a signal to the president-elect to unfreeze the ties despite current setbacks.”

President-elect Joe Biden just rehired National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who was also his NSA during the Obama administration. Why is that important you ask? Well, in 2018, Sullivan was interviewed on CBS Intelligence Matters podcast. In this interview, he said one of his greatest “successes was helping China rise.”

“We helped create the conditions of stability and security in East Asia that allowed China to have this remarkable economic rise. So, its rise was not the failure of American foreign policy, it’s the success of creating those stable conditions,” Sullivan stated.

Image via ABC News

Sullivan is openly pro-China and encourages China to fix the wrongs of colonialism. China recently cemented its control over Hong Kong, a former British colony, and arrested all pro-Democracy ring leaders during the six months of civil arrest in the United States. Many Hong Kong citizens have also been sentenced to 15 years in prison for burning the Chinese flag or mocking the Chinese national anthem during their 2019 protests.

Jake Sullivan also openly criticized America’s strategic competition against China. “What, exactly, is the United States competing for? And what might a plausible desired outcome of this competition look like?” Sullivan wrote on Foreign Affairs. Music to China’s ears.

Sullivan continued, “A failure to connect competitive means to clear ends will allow US policy to drift toward competition for competition’s sake and then fall into a dangerous cycle of confrontation.” He believes China’s rise is a birthright and should be celebrated. Again, music to China’s ears.

“As a global economic actor, China is central to the prosperity of American allies and partners; its students and tourists flow through global universities and cities; its factories are the forge for much of the world’s advanced technology.”

“The United States must accept that military primacy will be difficult to restore, given the reach of China’s weapons.”

Biden and Sullivan also do not support Taiwan Independence. “On Taiwan, a tacit commitment not to unilaterally alter the status quo is perhaps the best that can be hoped for given the historical complexities involved.”

Taiwan lost its civil war with the People’s Republic of China. What happens to the losing side of a civil war? Look at what happened to the Confederacy after they lost the American Civil War. The Confederacy was forced to rejoin the Union.

Still think the Biden administration would stop China in its tracks? Biden also hired Kurt Campbell as one of his senior advisors. Why is that important you ask? In 2012, the Chinese Coast Guard invaded the Scarborough Shoal right off the coast of the Philippines.

Image via AJ

U.S. diplomats led by Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell led a team to work out a deal with China and the Philippines. He convinced China and the Philippines to withdraw from the area and negotiate a peaceful settlement.

However, the Philippines kept its end of the deal and China ended up staying. Chinese forces still occupy Scarborough Shoal to this day. Campbell and the Obama administration did nothing after China made them look like fools.

A Biden victory now guarantees a new Chinese Golden Age for the next four years.

Feature Image via Asia Times

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