Vietnamese Grandpa-To-Be Demonstrates Bathing a Baby Using a Cat

November 14, 2020

A grandfather-to-be in Vietnam demonstrated basic tips for bathing a newborn baby in a video on Facebook.

Using his pet cat, which stayed completely obedient for more than two minutes while it received free rubs from the grandfather-to-be, the cat probably had no idea why it was receiving non-stop pets. The orange and white feline played along and showed it was relaxed and completely trusting.

The video starts off with the grandfather-to-be showing the importance of head and butt support using both hands while lowering a baby (cat) into a bowl of water.

Image via Facebook

He then demonstrated how to wash a baby’s back while maintaining the baby’s head above water.

Image via Facebook

The grandfather-to-be further demonstrated how to wash the baby’s head without getting water into its nostrils.

Feature Screenshots via Facebook

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