Trump Now Has a 70% Chance of Winning Re-Election

November 3, 2020

President Donald Trump’s odds of winning the 2020 presidential race has shifted 180 degrees. Former vice president Joe Biden was unable to win any swing states, which he needed to reach 270 electoral votes.

Bookies around the world are placing their bets on President Trump Tuesday night. A stark reversal earlier Tuesday morning when bookies gave Joe Biden a 69% of winning the presidential election, according to Oddschecker, leading UK bookmaker.

“America went to sleep knowing Joe Biden was the sportbooks’ favorite to win the 2020 US Election, that hasn’t changed, but the gap between Donald Trump and Biden has been severely narrowed overnight,” Oddschecker stated to Newsweek.

Joe Biden’s strategy was to win Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida; compounded with Democrat strongholds on the coastal states from east to west to reach 270 electoral votes needed to claim the presidency. However, all states Biden needed to win are now projected in Trump’s favor.

Pennsylvania is currently 64% done with its voting counts and Trump maintains a 56.6% lead over Biden’s 42.2%; a lead that is growing.

Biden was able to flip Arizona, however, Trump would then need either Wisconsin or Michigan to make up the difference with Arizona’s 11 electoral votes. Trump is projected to win both Wisconsin and Michigan.

Trump is leading in every swing state necessary to win the presidency by a healthy margin. Every state Biden needs to win—he’s losing by 3 to 5%.

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