Asian Mother Ruthlessly Attacked in Her Home in Canada

October 18, 2020

Linda Huynh’s mother, Nho Huynh was viciously attacked on October 17 in Winnipeg, Canada. Linda uploaded some infuriating and heartbreaking pictures of her 70-year-old mother on Instagram. These are her words.

“October 17,2020 around 4:30PM – A woman (5’6, We think she was in her 30s, grey sweat pants and hoodie. ) attacked my mom at her house. She was kicking the door and as my mom opened the door to check who she was. The woman attacked my mom. My mom was so scared, she ran outside of the house and started to run screaming for help.

I’m so lucky that a man saw her and stopped what was happening. The woman who attacked my mom ran off. If it wasn’t for him saving my mom, she could’ve died.

If you guys are in the area of Mountain and McPhillips – please be careful.. It’s really hard to post this image – my mom and I never want this to happen to anything so we want to warn others for their safety.”

Image via Instagram

About 13 hours later, Linda posted an update.

“Update: The ambulance came and drove us both to HSC.

Before I left to go to the hospital, the man who saved my mom helped us by checking to see if there was anyone in the house or if there was any broken windows. So far the only thing that was broken was the storm door (easy replacement)

After getting checked and having a CT scan – The doctor told us that nothing was broken, scans are all clear – she has a couple of cuts and bruises on her head. The swelling will go down and his suggestion was for her to rest up.

It was hard for the both of us to sleep, both of us are restless but again – happy she’s alive and we both started talking about how strong she was. She’s 70yo and never thought she could run like that.

We both agreed that woman who attacked her wasn’t herself. We are assuming that she must have been on drugs because after the man stopped her from attacking, the woman started acting all viscous towards him and ran off.

Linda’s mom recovering. Image via Instagram

Thank you so much everyone for sharing my last post. Again – it was very traumatizing and frightening, I don’t know what I would do if I lost her.. She is my only family in Winnipeg. We only wanted to share this to warn others to keep their doors closed. Especially when you hear a loud banging noise at the door. (I thought my mom opened to see who she was but she said that the noise went away so she thought the woman ran away. My mom opened to see if there were any damages and that woman grabbed her hair and dragged her out)

Again be careful everyone.. I’m so grateful for the man who saved her and all those who saw and called the cops.

My mom is taking today to heal, talking to her friends and family about her feelings. I hope she will be emotionally okay, I’m also here for her.

This is a picture of her right after the hospital, all cleaned up and proud of what she made. She made Banh Gio which is a Vietnamese Pork Dumpling.”

Image via Instagram

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