Husband Charged with Murder After Police Found Wife’s Body in a Freezer

July 21, 2020

HOUSTON, Texas—58-year-old Curtis Allen Holliday has been charged with murder after police found his wife’s body in a freezer at his workplace, according to ABC13.

On November 28 and December 25 last year, Holliday was charged with assault and was initially arrested back on May 5 of this year after being charged with violation of bond on a protective order and continuous violence against a family member.

Holliday’s 29-year-old wife, Chi Thi Lien Le had been missing since April 3 and her family members stated they were unable to reach her for quite some time. Before her disappearance, Le told authorities if she ever disappeared, her husband is probably responsible.

Curtis Allen Holliday (L) & Chi Thi Lien Le (R). Image via Anonymous
Chi Thi Lien Le. Image via Anonymous

According to ABC13, deputies of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office conducted a search at Holliday’s place of business in the 5800 block of W. Sam Houston Parkway N, where they later discovered Le’s body in a commercial freezer on the property.

An autopsy was performed on Le and ruled her death was a homicide. Holliday is being held without bond.

Feature Images via ABC 13 & Anonymous

  1. Damn, yet another (much younger) Asian woman killed by her white male partner. I remember reading a study that said Asian women are more likely to be physically abused by a white partner than an Asian one. And yet so many people (including Asian ones sadly) talk about Asian patriarchy. No. It’s white patriarchy that’s the problem. How many times do we hear of Asian men killing their white wives? WMAF relationships are too often racist, sexist, and lethal.

    1. These wives are killed because these are Asian mail order brides that married for money, not love. When you marry for money and your husband marries for sex (a woman over 30 yrs younger), you don’t earn any respect from your husband. There’s no love bound between them. It is likely that the husband can not get along with western women which is why he got a mail order bride from Asia who doesn’t really speak English instead

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