Michelle Malkin Attacked by BLM Supporters on Stage

July 20, 2020

Political commentator and blogger Michelle Malkin was attacked Sunday afternoon by Black Lives Matter activists intent on shutting down a “Back the Blue” rally in Denver, Colorado.

Malkin was part of a peaceful pro-police event at the Civic Center Park when members of BLM/Antifa activists dressed in black and armed with collapsible batons crashed the stage. Malkin was sprayed in the face with aerosol and another man was beaten with a longboard and a bullhorn.

This rally was specifically organized for pro-police support and the event was more like a music festival. On Malkin’s Twitter page, BLM protestors can be seen entering the music festival and antagonizing pro-police supporters.

Regardless of your political beliefs, looting and destroying hundreds of businesses because a handful of police officers needlessly kill less than a dozen unarmed African-American men every year is no excuse. Never mind the fact more unarmed Caucasian men are shot and killed by police every year. Physically interrupting and attacking people who don’t share your beliefs isn’t “democratic” either.

Ron MacLachlan beaten w/longboard & bullhorn. Image via Twitter

At the same time, saying “Don’t generalize all black people,” when an African-American perpetrator robs or kills an Asian-American is a double-standard. Basically, it’s okay to generalize all police for the actions of the racist few but don’t generalize all African-Americans.

Feature Images via Twitter & Pinterest

  1. Yep. The Black Lives Matter movement lost all credibility when they caused violence, provoke the police needlessly, lotting and racial attacks to Asians. Some Blacks are racist to Asians. The videos show proof. Such hypocrits and double standards. The Asians had been been subjected to harsh treatment as well. Yet, Asians perservered, educate by the mass, and more civil than the Blacks. The Blacks chose the easy way out with violence and crimes. Violence and crime breeds more violence and crime.

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