“Ultra Karen” Lena Hernandez Won’t Be Charged With a Hate-Crime

July 3, 2020

Lena Hernandez, aka “Ultra Karen” made headlines on social media last month for verbally harassing two separate Asian-Americans in Torrance, California.

Torrance PD started a criminal investigation against 54-year-old Hernandez on June 10 after receiving two separate criminal complaints against her. A prior investigation against Hernandez began back in October 2019, when she allegedly physically assaulted an Asian-American woman at the Del Amo Mall.

The retired social worker will not be charged with a hate-crime. However, she will be charged with battery related to the Del Amo Mall encounter back in October 2019. In that particular case, Hernandez allegedly pushed, grabbed, and punched an Asian-American woman, Kayceelyn Salminao.

“Investigators were able to identify the suspect in all three cases as Lena Hernandez of Long Beach. Investigators attempted to locate Hernandez at her possible place of residence, but she was not located. Investigators later submitted their investigation related to all three incidents to the City Prosecutor’s office for filing consideration.” stated Torrance PD back in June.

“On Wednesday, June 17, 2020, Torrance Police Detectives, along with the Specialized Crisis Intervention Team, located Hernandez in a park in the City of San Pedro. Investigators were able to speak with Hernandez related to all three incidents. Based on the fact all three incidents are misdemeanor crimes and did not occur in the presence of an officer, Hernandez was not arrested at the time of the interview. The details of the interview will be submitted to the City of Torrance Prosecutors office.”

Her bail has been set at $1 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Feature Screenshots via Myles Clark & Jackfroot

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