Let’s Talk About the 31 Gang Members Arrested Last Year for Targeting Asians

June 15, 2020

As reported by KTLA5 and Asian-American Gun Owners of California, 31 gang members were arrested and charged last March for participating in a burglary ring that targeted elderly Asian victims across Los Angeles County.

It’s been over a year already, no nationwide press, no African-American organizations getting together and condemning this racist and heinous act against the Asian-American community, which we’re sorry to report, isn’t the first time. No major civil unrest issues last year. More than enough time to call this issue out.

The accused gang members committed burglaries and robberies on homes from “Santa Monica, Beverly Hills to the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys,” according to the DA’s office.

Jshawne Lamon Daniels (L) & Ashle Jennifer Hall (R). Image via SPLASHNEWS.COM
Damaji Corey Hall (L) & Tyress Lavon Williams (R). Image via SPLASHNEWS.COM

A total of 69 victims were identified in the grand jury indictments, most of them were elderly Asians.

The list of gang members are identified as:

  • Hassan Murphy, 19, of Hawthorne
  • Jshawne Lamon Daniels, 20, of Los Angeles
  • Damaji Corey Hall, 19, of Los Angeles
  • Lance Williams, 19, of Los Angeles
  • Dekell Wright, 22, of Compton
  • Elan Lamberto Gabourel, 25, of Hawthorne
  • Tyress Williams, 19, of Van Nuys
  • Joseph Holley, 23, of Bellflower
  • Demonte Jordan Sears, 23, of Los Angeles
  • Anthonyo Sanders, 20, of Los Angeles
  • Kimya Wilson, 21, of Los Angeles
  • Deanthony Lamart Chatman, 27, of Inglewood
  • Deondra Devon Johnson, 24, of Los Angeles
  • Akeem F. Lauriano, 28, of Lomita
  • Scotty Richardson, 30, of Los Angeles
  • Verlton Glaspie, 19, of Los Angeles
  • Brandon Laititi, 25, of Carson
  • Ron Simmons, 20, of Los Angeles
  • Eric Harris, 20, of Gardena
  • Donnie Faizon, 22,  of Los Angeles
  • Devin Garner, 25, of Los Angeles
  • Tyshon McKinney, 20,  of Los Angeles

The last we heard, the defendants faced a possible maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted as charged. At the time of the press release, nine other defendants still haven’t been taken into custody.

Feature Image via SPLASHNEWS.COM

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