Asian Shoe Boutique Owner’s Life is Destroyed in 30 Minutes

June 4, 2020

The GoFundMe page is at the bottom of this article

Jay Wong, owner of Jwong Boutique located on 8th Ave in New York was destroyed in nearly 30 minutes after looters ransacked his store the other night.

“I started my business only because I was able to save all my financial aid from college. I saved up almost 300 pairs of shoes from thrift stores and amassed a collection which I started to sell in the basement of a store in queens. To put in 8 years of sweat, tears, debt, countless hours of standing in line, working 2 jobs to support my passion and dreams just to be wiped out in 30 minutes leaves me speechless. Mind you, I’m on the 2nd floor in midtown.”

Jay continues to explain “Words can’t express how it feels to see your store that first time the door is broken and all the inventory destroyed and gone. I did everything I could for this community, I donated shoes, fed the homeless, always gave less than market value and if you didn’t have enough money, I didn’t mind to take less, as long as you had a smile on your face. This is a huge setback, and I only hope to recover and change the strategy of my store.”

“I will keep following this dream of mine and passion. Please like and share this so we can catch these thieves that hit my store well after the protest ended. They stole everything in broad daylight at 645am 6/1/20. These thieves all over nyc ranged from teen to 30s, out of town with very new cars from Connecticut, New Jersey and even as far as Florida and locally.”

This last part of his statement is for all the people saying “All you need is insurance, you stupid, Asians.”

Jay finishes his statement with “Insurance will never pay the amount that is completely loss but for my consignors, I would like to say sorry and that I’ll figure out everything lost and reimburse you personally.”

Jay started a GoFundMe Page and the link can be found HERE

Feature Screenshots via jwongboutique

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