Asian Business Owner Starts Blasting in Georgia

May 31, 2020

An Asian man known as @slimthejeweler, owner of Panda Jewelers successfully defended his business in Georgia last night, according to A.W.A..

Apparently, looters, some of them armed, tried to converge into a business plaza Saturday night. Some of the armed looters began shooting at @slimthejeweler, so he decided to fire back with his semiautomatic rifle. The looters quickly dispersed.

Through a text message, @slimthejeweler texted “Well they fired at me first. So we fired [sic] bakk.” He continued to text “Then they started scrambling to get away from the gunfire.”

Image via A.W.A.

Some looters wanted to test their luck and ran back into the business plaza. That’s when @slimthejeweler started popping off multiple rounds into the crowd. The looters then got the hint and ran back away.

Feature Image via A.W.A.

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