‘Wuhan Wild Wings’ T-Shirts For Sale

May14, 2020

An American company named “The Dude’s Designs” (named after Jeff Bridges character from Big Lebowski) has apparently been selling merchandise made to look like the Buffalo Wild Wings logo, but instead of a buffalo with wings, it shows a bat instead and says ‘Wuhan Wild Wings.’

You can purchase T-shirts, hoodies, mousepads, mugs, gym bags, cooler bags, and even face masks. The motto at the bottom reads ‘So Good. It’s Contagious.’

This comes as CNN from the very beginning of the outbreak labeled COVID-19 the ‘Wuhan coronavirus’ and Don Lemon later labeled it the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ on his show.  CBS This Morning also labeled it as ‘China’s Coronavirus,’ the same place reporter Weijia Jiang is employed. Funny how she was offended by Trump’s labeling of the virus a few weeks ago, but for several weeks before that, said nothing when her co-workers and the station she works for labeled it as such.

On their website www.thedudesdesigns.com, they say “Our goal is to create shirts that you love, and when you wear them out, other people comment on and laugh at them. We want you to meet other like-minded people and become friends, if just for a moment.”

Their company description continues with “We can say from experience that you will be blown away at the positive reactions you get when you wear our gear. Who knew wearing a shirt could so greatly improve an otherwise mundane experience like going to the grocery store?”

Image via Sinbad Tee

Canadian sports brand Lululemon faced a similar situation late-April and were forced to distance themselves over ‘Bat Frid Rice’ shirts that promoted COVID-19 racism and sparked public anger. Lululemon stated very clearly the shirts were not produced by them and in fact, were designed by their global art director Trevor Fleming and artist Jess Sluder.

Feature Image via The Dude’s Designs

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