Caucasian Woman Arrested and Charged

April 20, 2020

Correction: Asian Dawn initially reported the two Asian women who were assaulted in Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne, Australia on April 15, 2020, were of Korean descent. Through further investigation, the two Asian women are of Singaporean and Malaysian descent.

Victoria police arrested 21-year-old Jakkara Brigham and charged her with recklessly causing injury and committing the offense while on bail by the Melbourne Magistrate, reports 9News. Brigham was already out on bail for a previous offense.

It was initially believed Brigham would remain in custody for up to 12-months before hearings would begin for this particular case. Brigham began to cry in court. However, later, Brigham found out she would not see jail time for the time being; she then began laughing with the guards.

Mothership reported the 18-year-old Singaporean student who was attacked said one of the women kept shouting “coronavirus” repeatedly at them.

Victoria police are still searching for the second woman involved in the racial attack. She is also described as a Caucasian woman, around 20-years-old, shoulder-length blonde hair, and skinny build.

Feature Image via 9News

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