Asian Woman Beaten By Neighbor in California

April 20, 2020

This incident was documented by Facebook user Carolyn Bao and took place Friday afternoon. According to the accounts of Kai (victim) and Bae, the elder neighbor has a history of aggressive behavior towards the victim. Both of them live in a mobile home park located in Sunnyvale, California.

Image via Carolyn Bao

Kai had previously reported her neighbor to local authorities and the management office where they both reside in the past few years. She explained the neighbor had a history of verbal abuse, recording her without her consent and violating her personal space and property. Kai finally got fed up and decided to sell her home last month. On Friday, Kai visited the house to check on things with her friend. Things took a turn for the worse when the elder neighbor walked into Kai’s yard with a bucket of paint and began painting her fence without her permission.

Image via Carolyn Bao

When Kai confronted the elder neighbor, he allegedly started beating her. From photos posted, Kai is shown to have a bloody nose and visibly shaken from the incident. The elder neighbor was taken into custody by the police shortly after the incident and charged with battery. Kai’s friend took the photos shown in this article.

Image via Carolyn Bao

The elder neighbor has been released on bail and currently back in his residence. Kai is fearing for her safety and is currently reaching out to a civil lawyer.

Feature Screenshots via Carolyn Bao

  1. ITS people like this old man make life miserable for everyone, because they are usually miserable himself. For whatever reason, he living in the 21st century & this is not acceptable. He ahould have been incarcerated before. Are there other reasons for him being so hositle? Either way, you should not lay your hand on anyone. Let the authorities take care of it.He should NOT have been left out on bond. There’s no telling what, if anything may do!

  2. Yup, this old grump needs a lesson brought to him. Her son (don’t know if she has one) should go over and smack him one and I don’t mean smack !! Unfortunately, since the correctional system is releasing a good number of “residents” due to Covid-19 overcrowding, this old grump would probably not get any jail time. But, she could sue him for physical assault. Not sure if that would be a felony though

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