Coronavirus Prank Led to Brawl at Angelo State University

April 4, 2020

According to San Angelo LIVE! On March 27, a brawl took place on the campus of Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas. The altercation began when an international exchange student, 23-year-old Jihan Kim from South Korea returned to his dorm and found a poster taped to the door. The poster listed symptoms of COVID-19. Upon questioning, Kim found out his roommate, Michael Luna and 20-year-old Shane Stumpf taped the poster to the door.

Kim’s door. Image via San Angelo LIVE!

The poster enraged Kim and he quickly confronted Stumpf, who was already in his own dorm room with his girlfriend, Sarah Bridges. Once Kim arrived, the brawl began with Kim bashing in Stumpf’s nose, Stumpf was able to push Kim out of his room and lock him out. That didn’t stop Kim because within minutes he returned and kicked in Stumpf’s door. At this point, Stumpf reached for his loaded Winchester 1300 12-gauge shotgun and pointed it directly at Kim. “The threat from the gun was too scary,” Kim stated to a Korean newspaper. Kim ran off once a firearm got involved during a man-to-man fight.

Stumpf’s broken door. Image via San Angelo LIVE!

Michael Luna, Kim’s roommate was the first individual to notify the police during the altercation and he waited outside during the fight until the police arrived. Luna updated the authorities that a firearm had been used during the fight. Police officers quickly approached Stumpf’s room, where they discovered both Stumpf and his girlfriend inside.

Once inside Stumpf’s room, police took possession of the 12-gauge shotgun and discovered a Confederate flag draped on the wall with text reading “I go for Jim Crow,” and a drawing of a KKK figure burning a cross.

Stumpf’s room. Image via San Angelo LIVE!

Police then located Kim in the Residents’ Assistant (RA) office. Kim, Stumpf, Luna, and Bridges were all taken into ASU police station for questioning. Later that night, both Kim and Stumpf were booked into Tom Green County Jail for assault. Kim was also charged with criminal trespassing. Both men were later released on bond.

It should be noted the legal age to have an LTC (License to Carry) in Texas is 21. Stumpf is 20-years-old. No further information was obtained about the incident, however, Angelo State University officials did state they are investigating the incident.

Feature Image via San Angelo LIVE!

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