Murder Charges Dismissed in Jasper Wu Shooting

May 26, 2023

FREMONT, CA—Murder charges have been dismissed against one of three defendants accused of killing the 1-year-old back in November 2021 during a gun battle on the I-880 in Oakland.

“We are so pleased that Judge Patton made the correct legal ruling that Johnny Jackson was not the cause of the child’s death. Mr. Jackson was a victim of an unprovoked ambush not a perpetrator. All the facts supported Jackson shooting a gun in self-defense,” Jackson’s attorney Annie Beles told ABC7.

The 28-year-old suspect allegedly fired his gun away from the direction of the Wu family’s vehicle. However, Jackson is still being held on felony gun charges.

Judge Patton also ruled there is enough evidence to tie 22-year-old Trevor Green and 24-year-old Ivory Bivins to the death of Jasper Wu and that both men should be tried on murder and gang charges, reports ABC7.

At the time, former district attorney Nancy O’Malley charged Trevor Green, Ivory Bivins, and Johnny Jackson with murder and other gang and street terrorism enhancements. A fourth man, Keison Lee, was killed in a separate gang shooting before detectives could arrest him.

Norbert Chu, an attorney for Jasper Wu’s parents, released the following statement: “While the family would have preferred that all 3 of the initially charged defendants be ordered to stand trial, they are most focused on the 2 defendants directly responsible for their son’s death and are pleased that as to those 2 defendants all the charges and enhancements, which include the special circumstances that would make them eligible for a sentence of LWOP, have been ordered to stand trial on all those charges and enhancements.”

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